Reptile Awareness Day

Reptile Awareness Day - Monday, October 21, 2024

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Reptiles are everywhere, and serve an important role in the ecosystem of whatever biome they’re a part of. Reactions to them range from abject terror to an acute fascination with them, unsurprising given that Hollywood has a tendency to lean towards the Monstrous when displaying these otherwise magnificent creatures.

The truth of the matter is that reptiles are a vital part of a healthy environment, with common snakes helping to keep down bugs and rodents that would love to make a nest in your home. Reptile Awareness Day is an excellent opportunity to educate yourself on the wonders of the scaly world, and perhaps learn an appreciation for them.

History of Reptile Awareness Day

Reptile Awareness Day was created by a group of reptile enthusiasts intent on changing the public image of their beloved scaly friends. Since then R.A.D. has been a popular event for the herpetologically inclined to gather and share their love of the cold-blooded critters that share their lives. From the magnificent Bearded Dragon, playful Geckos, Turtles, and the huge but cuddly Forest Boa, reptiles are increasingly popular pets the world around.

Even Zoos get in on the action, using these days to promote awareness of their alligator and crocodile exhibits, and helping to alert the world to the plight of endangered reptiles like the Leatherback Sea Turtles. For reasons from human predation of their eggs to the destruction of their habitats, there are many of the world’s reptiles who are nearing extinction. Reptile Awareness Day is a great opportunity to help educate people on how to protect them.

How to Celebrate Reptile Awareness Day

There is a myriad of fascinating and educational ways to celebrate Reptile Awareness Day. If you’re looking for a RADical time, you can gather together with local enthusiasts to share your pets, and your stories of love and living with them.

Stop down and visit your local pet stores and see the variety of options they have for making reptiles a part of your life, or just volunteer at a local rescue to help familiarize yourself with the critters that give so many the shivers.

Finally, organize a trip to a local zoo to see the larger reptiles in the world today, and maybe stop in at your local museum to discover their ancient ancestors, the dinosaurs. Everything animal today, at one point or another, is descended from reptiles, so go get to know your ancient ancestors.

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