Card Making Day

Card Making Day - Thursday, October 3, 2024

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We get them on special occasions, holidays and birthdays, they sit upon our mantle and some of them even get tucked into our store of special memories. Whether it’s Christmas or our Birthday, we always look inside for the gift card from Santa Claus or the money from a grandparent, often before we’ve even read the card (what a social faux pas! You should feel ashamed!) But have you ever considered making your own card?

Learn about Card Making Day

Card Making Day reminds us that the best gifts come from the heart, and the hands and vision of the people we love, so get out there and try making a card of your own! Nowadays, with the advancements in technology and the rise of the Internet, some people have stopped sending cards altogether. Instead, they send email cards. While there is nothing wrong with this, no one can deny that receiving a beautiful card feels a lot nicer. This is especially the case when the other person has gone to the effort of making the card!

To make sure your personalised, handmade card is met with a beam of delight rather than a sigh of regret, here are some mistakes to avoid…

Incorrect spelling – There is nothing worse than giving a card that is spelt incorrectly. It will look careless. This is particularly the case with names; if you are giving someone a card, you probably know them pretty well. If you are unsure of the spelling of a word or a name, Google it or ask someone who knows that person well. Do not assume and hope for the best. You do not want to spend time on making a card to be told that Claire is actually Clare!

Using offensive language – Although it might seem funny at the time you make the card, it might not be when your card is in your recipient’s living room when their parents drop by. Not only may it look bad on you, but it also reflects badly on the person you give it to. You don’t know who will see your card once it leaves your hands and the last thing you want is to be blamed for introducing the F word into Little Timmy’s use of vocab. Keep it clean to keep it fun.

Unfunny jokes – Make sure your personalised card is not met with confusion or bewilderment. Think about who will see your personalised card and run your jokes past someone else to make sure your jokes are as funny as you think they are, otherwise the moment will be ruined when you hand over the card and you will look like an idiot in front of a large group of people.

Too many words – Another mistake that can be made when creating their own card is having too many words on the front. You may have a lot to say to that person, but that is exactly what you should do if that is the case, say it out loud.

Personalized cards are decorative gestures for short sweet greetings and well wishes. If you try and squeeze too much writing on the front of the card, the font gets smaller and more difficult to read while your recipient will end up puzzled and mind boggled. Keep it short and sweet, save any long declarations of love for the inside of the card.

History of Card Making Day

Cards have played an important role in social circles for hundreds of years, playing a role as a thoughtful gift all the way to a necessary part of proper etiquette. Consider, if you will, the calling card of the Victorian era, a term that has become so ubiquitous that the signature element of a bomb-maker or a criminal is said to be their ‘calling card’.

A small piece of paper bearing one’s name and often a decoration of some kind, the calling card (Also known as a visiting card) was presented to the servants of a household that it might be delivered to the masters of the house to announce visitors.

It was this era of propriety that also developed the concept of a dance card, a card specifically carried by women to fill out with the names of the men they intended to dance with that evening. After all, with so many interested parties it just made sense to keep track of them so that you could, in earnest, indicate that your dance card was full and thus politely decline an interested suitor.

Calling Cards, Dance Cards, Business Cards, Greeting Cards, RSVP Cards, there are a million and more types of cards and could there be anything more exciting than learning to make your own? Card Making Day encourages you to do just that.

How to celebrate Card Making Day

The best way to celebrate Card Making Day is, of course, to learn how to make your own cards! There are often card making classes to be had at craft stores nearby, and if you have friends who are into scrapbooking they’ll be more than happy to teach you how to go about making your own cards. The only limit to your cards is your imagination, so let your creativity fly and send your friends and family personalized cards on Card Making Day!

You can also make your own cards using different computer programs and then getting them printed. It is up to you whether you want to go down the arts and crafts route or more of a graphic design-inspired option. What matters is that you have gone to the effort of making a card yourself.

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