Techies Day

Techies Day - Thursday, October 3, 2024

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Have you been having an issue with your computer lately? Some strange sound coming from within the case? Is your laptop freezing? Have an important web presentation later but you can’t seem to get your webcam working? Is your network running incredibly slow and you can’t quite figure out why? Trying to print a document and your laptop just won’t talk to the printer? If so, you probably need a techie. Techies are those wonderful people who know their way around the technology that is inseparable from our daily lives, and Techies Day celebrates them and everything they do to keep things moving every day.

History of Techies Day

Techies Day was originally developed for the purpose of helping high school students become educated about careers in technology. It was first established in 1998 by with the support of CNET Networks. The world ahead will see ever greater integrations of technology into our day to day lives, and with those innovations will come the need for the truly technologically savvy, those who know their way around this technology driven world and can help those who are perhaps less knowledgeable find their way.

So what, exactly, is a techie? A techie is an individual who is deeply interested in technology and seeing it move forward. When a new tech toy comes out, you can guarantee that it was a techie who designed it, and other techies who will be the first to own it. The bane and balm of a techie is obsolescence, the unavoidable process by which current technology becomes obsolete as new tech gets developed and integrated into our lives. In modern days, Information Technology experts are specifically referred to as Techies, and unsurprisingly so as they’re the ones who keep our offices moving forward.

How to celebrate Techies Day

Celebrating Techies Day starts by honoring and celebrating those people who keep the world moving forward for us. Be sure to send a thank you card or email to the people who keep your printers running, your network flowing, oh yes, and the email you just sent able to get to its destination. If you are a techie, then Techies Day can best be celebrated by getting yourself a new wonderful gadget, we won’t insult you by thinking you don’t have something in your collection that you’ve been meaning to update. Techies Day is the day to do it! What better way to celebrate an auspicious day dedicated to techies than by making sure you’re still on the bleeding edge?

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