National Fragrance Day

National Fragrance Day - Friday, March 21, 2025

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Fragrance has always played an important role throughout history—royalty flaunted it, business empires were changed by it (hello, Chanel), and with just one whiff, a certain fragrance can transport you back in time to a childhood memory, remind you of a person in your life that you love, or, well, someone you loathe. So on March 21, celebrate your love of all things fragrant with National Fragrance Day.

National Fragrance Day timeline


Cologne is Used After a Shave

French barber Jean-Jacques noted that the use of cologne after a shave enhanced the skin.


First American Fragrance Company Created

Dr. William Hunter, the founder of Caswell and Massey (still in business today) establishes Dr. Hunter's Dispensary in Newport Connecticut.


Cologne Is Used for Grooming

Fragrant products transition from being solely used for medicinal purposes into being used for grooming purposes.

1200 BCE

The First Perfumes are Made

A Cuneiform tablet found in Mesopotamia from this year reveals that a female chemist named Tapputi is the first recorded perfume maker.

Unexpected Smells That Should Be Sold As Perfumes

  1. Libraries

    Job interview? Stroll in smelling like you've just read a thousand books and you've got this in the bag.

  2. Money

    Smelling like cash itself is the closest thing you can get to being made of money!

  3. Dark Chocolate

    Craving chocolate? Just spritz!

  4. Pine wood

    It smells delicious as a candle—just image the subtle scent of freshly cut pine as a perfume.

  5. The world after it rains

    "Petrichor" is the smell of rain upon the earth.

  6. Mint

    For when you want to smell as fresh as brushed teeth feel.

  7. Smoke

    It's like walking around with the memory of warm, pleasing glow of the bonfire still on your skin.

National Fragrance Day Activities

  1. Create a fragrance

    If you happen to live in an area with a fragrance design studio, then March 21 is the day to finally make an appointment. No fragrance studio? No problem. You can still celebrate and create your own unique scent by blending different essential oils (Google “DIY Essential Oil” for recipes) or order a fragrance making kit online.

  2. Spread the love

    Sure, fragrance is a personal preference, but anything is better than stink, stank, and stunk. Take initiative and surprise your coworkers by loading your office with potpourri, air fresheners, Eau do Toilette sprays, and diffusers.

  3. Host a unique potluck

    Buying a new fragrance is a commitment, so invite friends over for a dinner party—just be sure to specify it’s for fragrances, not food. Whether they bring their own bottle, a new bottle as a gift, or samples of fragrances, a potluck is great way to celebrate National Fragrance Day and try out new scents.

Why We Love National Fragrance Day

  1. Fragrances have mental benefits

    Fragrance is more than just something to make us smell better—certain fragrances also have mental and physical benefits. For instance, peppermint can help energize, lavender can help decrease stress, and jasmine can help with sleep.

  2. You can never have too many

    If you’ve had your eye (or nose) on a new fragrance, then there’s no better day to add to your collection. Since different occasions and seasons call for difference scents, a person can never have too many different ones—just don't wear them all at once!

  3. It replaces the bad with good

    Although everyone can’t agree on their favorite smell, we all recognize universally bad ones. When everyone plays their part on National Fragrance Day, stink is overpowered—and that’s something we can breathe easy about.

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