Slytherin Pride Day

Slytherin Pride Day - Friday, March 21, 2025

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If you’ve a mind that slithers around corners and sees opportunity in every turning of the wheel of time, if you will stand for what is just and right for just as long as it suits your purposes, if you make those around you dance like puppets on a string while you orchestrate greatness, you just might belong in House Slytherin. While some consider these traits to be something less than desirable, Slytherin Pride Day is your opportunity to celebrate the fact that you understand the difference between idiotic valor and judicious prudence.

History of Slytherin Pride Day

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), then it’s incredibly likely that you have mixed feelings about House Slytherin. House of both Severus Snape and the Dark Lord himself, he should not be named, it’s not surprising it has something of a dubious reputation. Let’s be honest though; their biggest failing is an aspiration to greatness and a keenly developed survival skill that has them placing survival over heroics any day of the week. Make no mistake though; a Slytherin is not someone to be trifled with; they’ll out-think you at every turn, plan so many steps ahead that anything you do is bound to turn out in their favor, and otherwise fully embody the mastermind roll in your life. If you’re fortunate enough to have a Slytherin in your life make certain that you show them the respect they’re due and know that when they seem to be doing something outright pointless, it’s likely all falling into some greater plan.

How to celebrate Slytherin Pride Day

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Get yourself a delicious cake made with the Slytherin logo on top and then invite your friends over for a Harry Potter marathon. In case you’re wondering this is pretty much the perfect answer to any Harry Potter related holiday (ok, maybe a different cake). You can also dress up in the requisite black and green, and otherwise embody the things that make Slytherin great. Board games, especially those heavy on strategy, are another great way to engage your cunning Slytherin friends and have everyone enjoy a great Slytherin Pride Day! (Unless they’re sore losers, in which case only the Slytherin among you enjoy it).

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