Healthy Fats Day

Healthy Fats Day - Friday, March 21, 2025

One of the common themes running through health-care used to be “Fat is Bad!” leading people to lean on carbs, including sugar and processed foods, instead. The fallout from this decision? Obesity rates have continued to soar and the idea that all fat is bad has spread without ease. Healthy Fats Day reminds us all that everything must exist in moderation, and that includes the level of fat in our diet.

History of Healthy Fats Day

Throughout history people have been trying to decide what’s healthy for you, and what isn’t. This situation has only been aggravated by the fact that information on this is mixed and confusing when coming from the healthcare profession, and even worse when received from health gurus who claim to have ‘miracle diets’ with a list of ‘super-foods’ and ‘killers’. The truth is that there are healthy and unhealthy fats, and that fat is a necessary and important part of our bodies, and especially our brains, development and health.

While common wisdom about fats stated that saturated fats and trans fats were unhealthy for us, the jury is out on that as well. What becomes increasingly apparent is that it isn’t so much the types of fat we eat, as the amounts, that the issue. The one thing that is well-known is that our bodies actually require certain levels of unsaturated fats to be healthy, and that their presence in the body can reduce our chances of getting heart disease.

Healthy Fats Day was established to help spread awareness of the importance of fat in our diet, and to help give a platform for information about the facts and myths surrounding it. If you were raised believing that fats are universally harmful for you, it’s time to reevaluate your lifestyle, your diet, and your knowledge. Healthy Fats Day gives you that opportunity.

How To Celebrate Healthy Fats Day

Healthy Fats Day is all about awareness and education on fats in our diet, so one of the best ways to celebrate Healthy Fats Day is to spend some of the day studying current health information surrounding it. You can also prepare some meals that may be fat-heavy but are laden with healthy fats and delicious flavors. When you do, take time to prepare cards talking about the healthy fats in the food and what it does for your body, and then share that information with your friends or family as they gather around the table.

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