Panic Day

Panic Day - Sunday, March 9, 2025

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Panic Day is the one day of the year that is it ok to give into that emotion that we all try to keep in check. It is ok to feel overwhelmed or upset. It does not mean you are weak and inept if you give into the feeling once and a while. Mark your calendar and hang on tight until you get to Panic Day! Once the day starts you can take the time to just let it all out!

History of Panic Day

When it comes to holidays, you may think if the ones that are to celebrate fun moments. Panic Day is the day to recognize how stressful life has become and see what can be done to minimize the effects. Stress is dangerous to your health. Stress can bring on illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Some people respond to stress by having feelings of panic which can be very debilitating. Panic can make a person feel that their fear cannot be overcome. While this may not seem rational, the panic takes over and makes it difficult for the once stricken to be able to make rational choices. If you feel that your fears and stress are overwhelming you, Panic Day is the day to make a step forward and reach out to a mental health professional.

How to celebrate Panic Day

The fun approach to Panic Day is to give into the lighter side. You could stun your co-workers and friends by giving into that stress right in the middle of the day and shout and dance around. Add a few comments like “It’s too much!” or “Don’t make me do it anymore!” for dramatic flair before wishing them all a Happy Panic Day!

Not up for such a public celebration? Make the day one to take stock of all the things that pull at your time. It may be in your best interest to trim the list a bit. Plan time for activities that will help you to let go of some of the stress in your life. Some activities that can help with this are exercise, mediation, yoga, or taking time to enjoy friends and family.

Do you have a hobby that you haven’t had time to enjoy? Why not pick it up again? Make it yourself a priority. Some people like to end their day by reading a book that is purely for enjoyment. Others try to use the time between work and home as their alone time to let off the stress of the day. You have probably seen these people singing to the radio as they drive! When is the last time you just enjoyed life?

Panic Day can be a day to find a fun way to keep the panic away. Be mindful of what you have going on in life, but remember that everyone needs time to relax and have fun as well. Try something new and have a great Panic Day!

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