Get Over It Day

Get Over It Day - Sunday, March 9, 2025

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Let’s face it, everyone is guilty of holding on to the things that hurt, annoy, confuse or anger us. What means the most is how long we hold onto them, or how we let them go. For some it is hard to get rid of the feelings and over time the feelings may grow and become a problem. It’s time to make life a little lighter and participate in a newer holiday – Get Over It Day! It is a day for exactly that.

History of Get Over It Day

This day was created out of the need to let go of the hurt of a breakup. Jeff Goldblatt is the one who created this holiday when he couldn’t get over the hurt from a break up. In a need to help himself, and others, the day took off. Spaced between a holiday devoted to love, and one all about fun and joking around, it is the perfect time to try to heal and move forward.

How to celebrate Get Over It Day

The way to celebrate Get Over It Day are endless. It is all about finding the things within you that you can’t change, and let it go. Sounds easy, but for some, it isn’t easy at all. One way that you can get over it is to write down all the things that just get under your skin or that keep you awake at night. When you have the list done, take the time to examine each item on the list and ask yourself if you can change it. If you can, try to.

If you cannot change the item, it’s time to let it go. Make a pledge to yourself to not spend any more energy and time on it. To help even more with the idea of letting items on the list go, you can rip the paper up and throw it out to show your intent to move forward.

Another way that you might celebrate the day is to reach out to the people you may have withdrawn from. Let them into your world again and you may find that you don’t have time to focus on the negative things because you are making new, happier memories. It’s not always easy to embrace change, but if you really want to let things go, the important thing is to try.

Perhaps the things you have been holding onto have really made you stressed out. You could use the day to pamper yourself a bit. Head to the spa for a message! Let the worries just melt away. Heading back to the gym can get you back on the right track as well. It is proven that when you work out your body releases chemicals that lift your mood! How great is that? If you are not a gym person, even a nice brisk walk would have a similar effect.

The point of the day is that everything is in your hands. You can choose to just Get Over It and start moving forward!

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