Crabmeat Day

Crabmeat Day - Saturday, March 9, 2024

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Having just eaten at a delightful crab restaurant I have settled in to write with the flavor still resting in my mouth and the warmth of a full stomach. Whether you enjoy the intricacy and delicacy involved in smashing open the appendages of these delectable crustaceans, or whether you prefer to let someone else put in the hard work of acquiring the succulent sustenance within said appendage, there really should be no disagreement about the wonderful, soft flavor of crab meat.

If you’re in agreement about the venerability of crab meat then Crab Meat Day is the perfect day to allow yourself to splurge on the expense of the local crab special at your local restaurant. If you do happen to disagree about the wonders of the crab meat or if you are one of those people who just dislike seafood on general principle, then at the very least take Crab Meat Day as an opportunity to attempt to expand your palette and give crab meat a second try.

The worst that can happen is that you confirm your dislike for the flavor and end up taking the crab meat back home as leftovers to pawn off on one of your family or friends who appreciates the delicacy for its true worth.

History of Crab Meat Day

Crab meat is a delicacy all over the face of the earth, and for this reason connoisseurs of delicious food have been celebrating the meat for decades, in many places, making it silly to assume a single origin for Crab Meat Day. It is a testament to the hardiness of these crustaceans that they thrive in every single ocean of the world, as well as living on land in many places. For this reason the crab is widely considered the most popular crustacean for consumption in many cuisines, from the exotic locales to the more mundane.

Because crab meat is widely available due to the ubiquity of the creatures on the coast line, it is very likely that feasting on crab meat is a prehistoric delicacy, back in the days when men were much more eager to smash open their food for quick, brutal consumption. Even today many people enjoy allowing their inner savage out as they smash open the massive legs of the king crab with the complimentary mallet. The most widely used varieties of crab include the brown, red swimming and blue swimming crabs.

How to celebrate Crab Meat Day

Whether you choose to purchase, cook, or even catch your own crab the opportunities for celebrating Crab Meat Day are as wide spread as the crab meat is delicious.

If you’ve got the time and desire than hold on to your wallets and head out to the nearest crab restaurant. If you’d much rather spend a night at home and try your hand at being a chef than crab meat is readily sold at most markets and there are many delicious recipes available to taste.

Smoked, baked, or in soup the recipes are sure to make your mouth water. For the most hardcore crab fans who are willing to go the extra mile for fresh crab it might be a fun and educational experience to catch your own crabs with crab pots.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to remember and appreciate the wonderful flavor of the crab meat that is the reason for Crab Meat Day.

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