Upsy Daisy Day

Upsy Daisy Day - Sunday, June 8, 2025

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Listen, we know it’s early, we know you had a late night, and we know that that bed you’re in is about the coziest thing you can think of ever being in. Getting up and getting going can be a challenge, but with a fresh attitude and a positive outlook on the day, it can make getting up a whole lot easier. A great attitude gets you off to a smooth start, with none of the grumble and drag that normally accompanies your mornings. Upsy Daisy Day is your reminder to greet the day bright and cheerful, and be an Upsy Daisy!

History of Upsy Daisy Day

Stephanie West Allen is the one responsible for this holiday, so if you choose not to be an Upsy Daisy today, and everyone else does? Well, at least you’ll know who to blame for everyone else’s abominably cheerful attitudes. But we can’t really say her position on life doesn’t work! It’s been shown increasingly that your outlook on life is your choice, having a bad day is all in how you respond to what you face. If everything is a reason to get angry and ‘everyone is out to get you’, then you’re going to be perpetuating what you fear.

So on Upsy Daisy Day, just for one day, assume that everything is going to go your way. This doesn’t mean you won’t have your bumps, it just means that when they happen you’ll shrug them off and take a moment to appreciate how little those little setbacks really matter. A bright attitude makes hard tasks easier, it makes things that were once difficult and seemingly impossible become a breeze to manage. It really is all on how you treat the day, and treating it as a glorious, amazing gift rather than a burden you have to make it through is a great start.

How to celebrate Upsy Daisy Day

Celebrating Upsy Daisy Day starts when you first wake up, rather than grumbling about waking up, take a chance to be cheerful and bright. Be grateful you awoke warm and safe and then head off to think about what you’ll have for breakfast. A warm cup of coffee, the rain falling outside your window or a bright sunny morning, there’s a lot to be grateful for! Upsy Daisy Day reminds you to pop up and face the day with your eyes raised to the skies like a daisy greeting the sun! Upsy Daisy!

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