Go Diaper Free Week

Go Diaper Free Week - April 20-26, 2025

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Did you ever stop to think about what people did before there were diapers? Yes, believe it or not, such a day did in fact exist and yet babies still existed and needed to be potty trained! So how exactly do you suppose they kept their homes clean of baby’s accidents until they learned to use whatever they had for toilets?

Well, it all started with early potty training that didn’t include bribes or treats! Go Diaper Free Week is your chance to try the techniques that are provided by godiaperfree.com, and free yourself from diaper dependency once and for all!

History of Go Diaper Free Week

Diapers are expensive, messy, and incredibly bad for the environment, let’s start there. Then you also have to consider that cloth diapers, while definitely better on all counts, still require washing and that consumes a lot of water. Further, there’s nothing pleasant or healthy about having feces and urine pressed up against your skin, a reality that exists with even the most absorbent diapers.

Andrea Olson established Go Diaper Free Week to help parents all over the world use Elimination Communication to free themselves and their children from diaper dependency. Her techniques apply gentle techniques that don’t use treat giving or other forms of coercion to see to your child’s hygiene, and has even developed tools to help you begin this process at birth!

She developed the techniques with her own children, starting with her son (which she states was quite difficult! It was a brand new method!) and has since refined through her second and now third child! In each case she has made her methods more approachable for parents everywhere with new resources for diaper wearing children of all ages.

Go Diaper Free Week is your opportunity to examine these techniques and learn as much as you can about gently guiding your children into a diaper free existence.

How To Celebrate Go Diaper Free Week

Simply go to godiaperfree.com and start learning Andrea Olson’s techniques to freeing yourself and your children from dependence on diapers. Imagine finally being able to free yourself from the diaper genie or storing and washing dirty cloth diapers, using techniques that are much more effective than bribery with toys, candy, or just outright pleading.

Even if your children are over 18 months, there are still methods to help them finally break free of diapers! Go Diaper Free Week gives you the chance to finally be free of diaper dependency, forever!

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