Candied Orange Peel Day

Candied Orange Peel Day - Sunday, May 4, 2025

What could possibly make fruit, commonly known as nature’s candy, taste even sweeter and tastier? Why, the addition of even more candy, of course!

Candied orange peel is an excellent way of using up the flavourful but usually not too tasty peel of the orange fruit. And what’s more, they are a super yummy snack and don’t need any nasty chemicals or preservatives to make, so you can make them yourself at home!

So why shouldn’t this versatile treat have its own day of observance?

History of Candied Orange Peel Day

Candied orange peel has long been used as a delicious addition to cakes, used because of their thriftiness of saving the normally discarded peel and being an easily kept food item, as the sugar which encases them also serves to preserve them. This is what makes them a favorite addition to the pantry of any baker.

The method of preserving foods using sugar and honey is ancient – in fact, there’s evidence that it was used commonly in ancient China and Mesopotamia for various cakes and foodstuffs.

Candied peel as we know it seemed to start out in Arab culture, as chefs would serve candied fruit at banquets. Candied fruits as a whole would reach the West, where they became the key part of some of the most well-known cakes and sweets of European tradition, such as the Italian Panettone which uses candied orange and lemon within its mixture.

Commonly, the peel is candied by boiling it in sugared water and tossing the peel in more sugar before being left to try.

How to celebrate Candied Orange Peel Day

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, candied orange peel is the perfect snack. And since it’s so easy to make, there’s no excuse not to try your hand at making these sugary treats!

All you need to do is peel an orange, boil the peel in sugary water, sprinkle with more sugar and leave to dry. You usually need an equal amount of sugar to water, but some recipes call for a different amount depending on much sugar is going to be used to dust the peel strips.

If you aren’t a fan of the candied orange peels themselves, use them and some other candied peels and fruits to make a fruity and delicious cake, or use them to sprinkle on top a desert for a bit of extra sweet zing. Bon appetit!

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