K.I.N.D Day

K.I.N.D Day - Saturday, May 4, 2024

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Being a parent is rough, and it doesn’t get any easier when you factor in the cost of everything a baby needs.  One of the most expensive costs of having a baby that can’t be ignored is the need for diapers.

Kids In Need Of Diapers Day or K.I.N.D. was established to help families that are struggling with the costs of diapers.  Every year this holiday raises awareness for these families and its celebrants strive to ensure these children have everything they need.

History Of K.I.N.D. Day

Originally founded in 2013 by Berries & Caterpillars founder Candace M. Smith, K.I.N.D. Day was established to help out struggling families in the Orlando community.  News of this incredible cause got out and brought thousands of families together to help those in need.

Candace got out into the community bringing bags of diapers to families that needed them after her project, Diapers 4 Good, was overwhelmed by families in need.  Rather than giving up she just redoubled her efforts to ensure that no baby ever need be left in a wet diaper.

Staying in a wet diaper isn’t good for children, and their diapers should be changed regularly.  Continuous wear of soiled nappies can result in itchy rashes that are painful and irritated.

When exposed to human waste these rashes can become further aggravated and extremely uncomfortable.  Diaper rash doesn’t end when those diapers are changed, either. The rash remains sensitive and painful, causing babies to have trouble sleeping and to be irritable.

This holiday is a cornerstone in the effort to alleviate a problem that vexes almost a third of all parents today.  While these parents struggle to make ends meet, they often end up falling short of the money needed to buy diapers for the child.  

Even more expensive are the ointments and creams that will help to alleviate these concerns. K.I.N.D. Day is your opportunity to lend them a hand!

How to Celebrate K.I.N.D. Day

The easiest way to celebrate K.I.N.D. Day is to buy a few bags of diapers and donate it to a local support organization. If you’re feeling sneaky and know a neighbor or stranger who has trouble diapering their child you can leave a gift for them on their porch.

If you see someone who is homeless and has a child who may be in diapers, you can ask if they’re in need of supplies. K.I.N.D. Day is a great chance to help ensure that all the babies in the world have clean and healthy bottoms.

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