Renewal Day

Renewal Day - Saturday, May 4, 2024

May the 4th is National Renewal Day. A day for looking at life anew, starting up things that you’ve been meaning to do for a while, or maybe even revamping the house.

Renewal Day is all about reinvigorating yourself, refreshing your life and taking a look at things with a new zest and spark. It’s time to find things in your life that need a fresh look, a new perspective, and maybe even a brand new lick of paint!

History of National Renewal Day

National Renewal Day was created to remind us that sometimes, something old and stale in our lives just needs a change to make it new.

On Renewal Day, observers choose to renew something in their lives, friendships and love lives to make things fresh again. They could be a big change or a just small one – as long as it’s something that is big enough to make you feel strong and refreshed again.

It’s also a day that should prod you into getting any updates done that you’ve had on the list for a while; things like updating home appliances, your online profiles, your details, or even your job. Today, there’s no excuse to keep putting things off!

How to celebrate National Renewal Day

Is there something in your life that feels a bit old and tired? Today is the perfect day to renew.

Is your home getting a bit boring? Well, today why not try a fresh lick of paint on the front room walls, change the rugs and carpets in the hallways, or update the old furniture by adding some custom fabric or designs of your own?

Or you could just practice the ancient art of Feng Shui and move around all the furniture and ornaments in your home – you’ll probably feel refreshed and renewed just by making the arrangements very different!

If your relationship has been getting a bit comfortable lately, why not suggest a date night with your partner? Or refresh your wardrobe, and throw out those clothes that you know you’re never going to wear again!

Renew your gym membership, update your mobile phone plan, rearrange your desk at work, add bright and colorful vegetables to your diet – there are so many things you could do to give your life a fresh, new look!

Make sure you share what you are doing to renew your life by sharing the hashtag #nationalrenewalday on social media!

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