Back to School Month

Back to School Month - August 2023

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If the “summer-ending-and-school-starting” ritual makes you anxious, then participate in Back to School Month this August — an event that helps parents, students, and teachers prepare for the new academic year. Celebrated since the 1960s, Back to School Month will motivate you to start your back-to-school shopping and get you excited overall. So put away the beach bag and pick up the backpack, because it’s time for Back to School Month events —and we want you to get an “A” for participation.

Back to School Month timeline


​Elementary school became a requirement

​This was the first year that all 50 states required students to complete their elementary schooling.


​The first school for girls opened

​Ursuline Academy, a Catholic school in New Orleans established by the Sister of the Order of Saint Ursula, became the first school to open exclusively for girls.


Tax dollars support a North American school

​The Mather School, founded in Dorchester, MA, became the first public school in North America supported by tax dollars.


​Higher education began

Clergyman John Harvard founded his namesake Ivy League school in Cambridge, MA. ​


​The first school is founded

​Boston Latin School opened its doors, becoming the first public school in the colonies.

The 4 Back-to-school Facts Guaranteed To Make You Smarter

  1. There’s a diagnosable fear about going to school

    ​Didaskaleinophobia, an acute fear of going to school, affects approximately 2.4 percent of children.

  2. Apples and teachers go way back

    Parents in 16th-century Denmark started sending their kids to school with an apple because teachers weren’t making enough money to buy food.

  3. ​School supplies are expensive

    ​On average, families spend $700 on school supplies every year — which means the school supply industry makes approximately $80 billion annually from these sales.

  4. It's a ritual

    ​Including college, approximately 78 million students go back to school every fall.

Back to School Month Activities

  1. Host a fundraiser

    Celebrate Back to School Month by putting together a fundraising event that raises money to buy school supplies (textbooks, calculators, writing tools, notebooks) — and donate them to schools in need or kids in local shelters.

  2. Set up a fun, but educational, obstacle course

    Set up stations that will teach smart driving skills, safe walking practices, and the best ways to wear/pack a backpack. To keep this course within the theme, hide school-related prizes throughout, such as notebooks, planners, pens and pencils, and backpacks.

  3. Volunteer at your local school

    Get involved by helping new students. Typically, this entails showing them around their new school grounds — keeping in mind that a friendly demeanor will also help calm their nerves. If you have kids in their school, consider giving them your child’s contact information so they can start to build their friend network.

Why We Love Back to School Month

  1. It preps everyone for the new school year

    August serves as a reminder to teach kids about school safety, get the back-to-school shopping done, finish up the summer reading list, and purchase supplies.

  2. It promotes safe driving

    Whether your child is driving to school for the first time, taking the bus, bicycling, or walking with friends, Back to School Month is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to stay safe. This includes focusing on where they're going (rather than texting), being aware of crosswalks, respecting the speed limit, utilizing safety equipment (seat belts, helmets, etc.), and walking in front of the bus rather than behind it.

  3. It takes us out of our summer coma

    That means earlier bedtimes, more reading, less TV, and prepping for scheduled days rather than laid back ones.

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