Global Love Day

Global Love Day - Thursday, May 1, 2025

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If you’ve been depressed lately about how the world’s been looking, then there’s a day made just for you to feel better. It’s called Global Love Day! It’s a day about giving love to yourself and spreading love out into the world. Want to know what this day is all about? Curious about who started this awesome, love-filled day? Read more below and find out about how Global Love Day got started and what you can do to take part in it! 

History of Global Love Day 

Global Love Day began through the Love Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to bring unconditional love back into the world. The foundation started through its founder, Harold W. Becker, a humanitarian who has helped people since 1985 after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Although he pursued a college career in business management and was good at it, he left the business industry to pursue his dream of living a joyful life by helping others achieve the same. 

Harold Becker founded Global Love Day as a way to bring a positive perspective to what’s happening in the world around them. For the Love Foundation, it’s about bringing unconditional love to the common vision of how people perceive the world. The Love Foundation declared Global Love Day as something everyone could participate in since 2007, making sure that the message of love is spread to everyone. The Love Foundation encourages everyone to express love in the ways they know, and by doing so, they hope to change the way people view the world one step at a time. 

And what an effect it has had. Since the first event, and later the first one opened up to everyone around the world, Global Love Day has had the pleasure of involving Governors and Mayors, along with other prominent members of local and national government. Besides this, nations and communities joined in on the worldwide love-in. At the same time, additional thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, spread some good cheer and affection at their own events dotted around the planet. 

The initial vision could certainly not have predicted the impact Global Love Day has had on the world, and even if you might not think it was needed then, you cannot deny that it is required, and should arguably be mandatory in the current world. 

There is so much uncertainty, so much division, so much friction, that taking a day to recognize that there are people who care, both about you, themselves, and everyone else, that it can make you forget your troubles, even if it’s just for a single day. With Global Love Day, there is a chance to remember that there is some love in the world, even if it may not seem that way a lot of the time. 

How to Celebrate Global Love Day 

The Love Foundation offers many ways for you to express love. According to their page, one suggestion is to just simply be love and let that be the focus of your awareness throughout the day. Another way is to host a gathering and connect with your community. You can host a party with your friends, volunteer for an hour at an orphanage, visit a retirement center, or donate items to a local shelter. 

These ideas are crucial to continuing the traditions that Global Love Day has fostered, nurtured, and released into the world around them. No matter how you choose to celebrate Global Love Day, you can spread some of this yourself. 

The glorious thing about showing love and affection is that everyone has their way of doing so. Some people might prefer lavish and public displays of affection, just like you’d see in a cheesy 80s movie. They believe that their love is so enormous that it is impossible to contain, and the only way to show it off is to release it loud and proud for all to see. 

Conversely, others might choose more modest, private avenues to show their love. Whether it’s writing a poem, something that could be part of the Art, Essay, and Poetry Invitational held alongside Global Love Day, or simply cooking a delicious meal for your loved one; there are always ways to show that you care. 

Even if you don’t have someone to share your love with, you can still do your part for the world around you. Join in with community events, help out those less fortunate, donate your time to making the world a better place. No matter where you go in the world, there is always someone who could do with a little bit of love to brighten your day. 

Of course, pouring too much from your own cup may not be beneficial for you, so if you feel the need to, don’t be afraid to indulge in some proper self-care however you best see fit. Some will crack a bottle of wine and watch a soppy movie, others will go for a run, and some will spend all night playing video games. The fantastic thing is that there is no wrong answer. 

So, if you feel like you’re ready for love, make sure to get involved with Global love Day and share your affection for everyone, including yourself, with the rest of the world around you. 

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