Consumer Protection Week

Consumer Protection Week - March 3-9, 2025

Consumer protection rights is a topic that many who live in the United States should know about. However, every year, many report issues with their accounts such as spam and theft to the government.

With the advancement of the internet over the past decade, it has become easier for scammers to get private information and hurt those rights. Consumer Protection Week is a holiday all about informing people of their rights and how they can protect themselves against those nasty scams and thefts.

History of Consumer Protection Week

According to the FTC, the top complaints that people make when it comes to their consumer protection rights when they’re faced with fake debt collections, imposer scammers, identity theft, and telephone/mobile services. Consumer Protection Week aims to face thee issues by educating people on what sources they can trust.

Developed by the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Week is a week dedicated to educating people about their rights as consumers as well as ways that they can protect their money, such as understanding how to protect your privacy, how to avoid phishing scams, and how to prevent identity theft.

Some of the tips that the FTC gives to help protect privacy include do business with credible companies, purchasing online using only one card, avoid using debit cards, and don’t give out your primary email address. When it comes to phishing scams, be wary of unwanted phone calls, install malware programs in your computer, and pay attention to the website URL.

For identity theft, check the privacy policies of that business, pay attention to account activity, and use better security passwords for ensured protection. Tips like these are usually given through seminars and events throughout the country that celebrate this holiday.

How to Celebrate Consumer Protection Week

You can be a part of Consumer Protection Week by planning an event in your community. You can create a forum, host a seminar in your local library, or partner with a local organization about sharing tips and tools that people can use to understand their consumer protection rights.

Why not write about it on your blog? If you want the article to spread to your local community, you can submit that article to a newspaper and see if they’ll print it in their opinion section.

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