Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day - Monday, July 1, 2024

While Chris may not have strictly been speaking about ice cream, except in the metaphorical sense, we certainly don’t disagree with him. Vanilla is often touted as the favorite flavor of ice cream, but we think that’s just because people haven’t been daring enough with their ice cream choices. Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day encourages you to take your taste buds to the rodeo and give a new flavor a try!

Learn about Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

As the name suggests, the purpose of Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day is to branch away from vanilla ice cream and try something completely out-of-the-norm. It is up to you how far you go with this. For example, if you are someone who barely ever tries anything but vanilla, you may want to give mint choc chip a try or some rum and raisin ice cream.

For you, that may be pushing the boat out! For someone else, they may feel like they have already tried every sort of ice cream that is commercially available. If you fall into this category, then why not use Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day in order to come up with a flavor of ice cream that you’ve never tried before or seen in any stores?

You can go as wild and unusual as you like. You can try different flavors, such as adding herbs, like basil into the mix, and other different concoctions. It is up to you. Or, you could try and turn your favorite chocolate bar or candy into an ice cream treat? This is an approach that never fails. After all, if it tastes good as chocolate, the chances are that it is going to taste pretty amazing when turned into ice cream, right?

Did you know that Ben & Jerry’s receive more than 13,000 flavor suggestions from fans each year? They have published some of the weirdest suggestions they have received. 

This includes Salty Licorice, which is vanilla ice cream, with swirls of salty and sweet licorice in order to create a black-and-white striped experience. Someone suggested Pepperoni flavor – a simple vanilla ice cream with chunks of candied pepperoni. Yum!

Although, we think we would probably rather eat that than the Gregarious Gorgonzola that was requested by one fan. They want dark chocolate ice cream that features gorgonzola cheese and raspberry jam. Another fan wanted Ben & Jerry’s to create macaroni ice cream, called Mac and Freeze. Oh, and we can’t forget about Spuds and Fudge, which would be chocolate ice cream with bits of candied French fries. Do any of these flavors float your boat?

History Of Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

When people think about flavors of ice cream, they mostly think about what they can get off the grocery store shelves or from 31 flavors. When you take a moment to consider that ice cream was first invented in the 5th Century BC by the Ancient Greeks, and from there has traveled around the world and through every culture, you realize that the smattering of flavors you’ve experienced in your life is just the beginning. Somehow this seems like a perfect metaphor about our daily lives as well, don’t you think?

Do you like vanilla ice cream? Chocolate? What about strawberry? Chances are you love all these flavors, but have you ever considered saffron ice cream? What about rose flavored? These are just some of the flavors that were possible in years past, and doesn’t even begin to cover the absolute rainbow of flavors that come from fruits!

Of course, most of these probably don’t seem all that unusual or creative, do they? That’s ok! If you’re truly feeling adventurous you can try crab and oyster flavored ice cream, or garlic flavored!

How to celebrate Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day is best celebrated by buying a flavor of ice cream you’ve never tried and giving it a whirl, at least if you’re feeling lazy and not at all adventurous. The truly daring will instead buy a simple ice cream making machine and start coming up with all sorts of gastronomical alchemy within.

The extent of the flavors is really only limited by your own flavor palette and sense of adventure. We suggest trying rosemary ice cream, pickle flavored (sure to be a favorite amongst pregnant women), or even salmon flavored! Try anything you can think of, Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day encourages you to give it your all.

It is also a good idea to do a quick search online to see if there are any dessert parlors or restaurants in your area that have embraced Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day. A lot of restaurants will celebrate days like this, coming up with unique ice cream treats for their diners to try on a one-off basis.

You may find that they have a special ice cream or sundae running for this day or week, and so you could book a table for you and some of your friends and try out this new treat. After all, you will find that most of them are limited one-off creations, and so there will be no time to hang around.  

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