Canada Day

Canada Day - Monday, July 1, 2024

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All those who celebrate Canada as their home and native land celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. The day commemorates the anniversary of the Constitution Act, which consolidated three territories into the single nation of Canada,  way back in 1867. That’s right — Canada celebrated its 150th birthday in 2017! 

Canada, O Canada! What a great country exists in this world as Canada. Renowned for their politeness, the delicious local food known as poutine, and some of the most forward social and civil liberty laws in the known world. They began their existence in the world as three separate colonies that were all part of the British Empire, and Canada Day celebrates the joining of these three colonies and the creation of the country of Canada within the British Empire. Canada Day reminds us to celebrate this auspicious day and cheer the creation of the most polite country and socially progressive country in the world today!

History of Canada Day

Canada Day celebrates that day in history when the British North America Act (Now called the Constitution Act of 1867) was put into place. This was an important end to a long struggle to get Canada recognized as a separate country from its British parents.

Three colonies were bound together to create what is now recognized as one of the best countries in the world to live in. For a long time it had some issues with its currency not performing well on the world stage, but recently it has risen to prominence and held its own amongst first world countries.

Somehow in keeping with Canada’s reputation for humility, the country didn’t make a big deal out of this event over the next few years. In fact, it took until 1917 before any official celebration of the event was held, and it took a full 10 years for another to be held. In fact, it wasn’t until 1946 that what was then known as ‘Dominion Day’ even became known as Canada Day, and then until 1958, almost a hundred years later, until they started celebrating it yearly with government sanctioned events. Canada has to be the only country in the world that essentially won its independence from its mother country and then went on not to be bothered with making a big deal about it. Honestly, it’s a rather stark contrast to its neighbor to the south.

How to celebrate Canada Day

For most of the world the best way to celebrate Canada Day is to research the history of this rather remarkable country. They have a fair amount of pride in themselves as a country, but don’t resent or rale against the country that is still technically their sovereign. Canada Day is even celebrated in the UK, with large gatherings in Trafalgar Square to celebrate this country’s formation. Canada is an amazing country, and Canada Day is your day to learn more about it!

Of course, if research isn’t your thing, you can always bring a slice of the friendliest country on earth to your home. Get ready to practice your best accents because these ideas will have you saying, “what’s that all aboot?!”

Decorate In traditional colors

Canada’s colors are, of course, red and white. So, lovers of the Great White North can find anything that fits the scheme and incorporate it into their home’s design. The great thing about celebrating Canada Day this way (if you’re not Canadian) is that you don’t have to answer awkward questions.

No that’s not a Canadian flag in your front garden – you’re just digging primary colors at the moment!

Have a Canadian cookout

Cookouts aren’t only synonymous with Canada, but Canada is part of North America, so it counts. Even better, the Canadians have an eclectic mix of foods, some that Americans love (hello maple syrup) and others that aren’t as familiar. This makes for an insanely interesting BBQ with fat-lined bacon on the menu.

The sides are pretty novel, too. Who’s for ketchup- and dill pickle-flavoured chips? No? Okay, well there’s plenty of poutine, butter tarts and Nanaimo bars to go around!

Play Canadian-inspired games

Yes, that means getting physical and replicating some of the Great One’s signature moves. Gretzky hasn’t got anything on you! Variations of hockey aren’t the only sports played in Canada, so don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the NHL. Alternatives include searching for maple trees, making a canoe (and testing whether it floats), and reciting “O Canada.”

Hint – Robert Stanley Weir’s English version has four verses. Bonus points go to anybody who knows them without using Google.

Where to celebrate Canada Day

Well, of course a trip to Canada is an excellent excuse to hit up the Maple Leaf nation during its national holiday.


Montreal will be at the top of everybody’s hit list for obvious reasons. However, Ottawa is the most incredible destination at the beginning of the summer. The nation’s capital hosts free firework displays and concerts, encouraging thousands upon thousands of people to attend.

Parliament Hill is the perfect place to perch and watch the festivities from afar.


The next stop is Toronto. Like Ottawa, the activities are free and plentiful, but Toronto has something the capital doesn’t – The Toronto Ribfest. Tons of ribs are transported to the city and grilled within an inch of their lives.

Meat-lovers take note because there aren’t better culinary delights found in the Deep South. Yes, that’s how good they are.


British Columbia does things a little differently, and Canada Day is no exception. The events are fishing-themed, the shows are full of lumberjacks, and it all takes place on the waterfront. It is possible to say more, but is it necessary?

No, we didn’t think so, either.

Canada Day Activities

  1. Bust out the Canadian flag!

    No Canada Day celebration is complete without the Canadian flag, be it hung from a window, draped from the shoulders, or painted on the face!

  2. Whip up some Canadian delicacies

    Canadians love to celebrate Canada Day with traditional Canadian foods, whether it be Poutine, Baklava, or beaver tails (deep fried bread dough with cinnamon and chili).

  3. Get out to a Parade

    Many Canadian cities will hold Canada Day parades, complete with fireworks, street food, and full marching bands. There's nothing more Canadian than getting out and celebrating with your neighbors.

Why We Love Canada Day

  1. It coincides with personal freedom

    Canada Day roughly correlates to America's Independence Day — but many Canadians get the additional gift of personal freedom, as most leases in La Belle province expire on July 1st.

  2. It's the perfect excuse for a cold one

    British Columbia alone guzzles 1.2 million—yes, million—liters of beer over Canada Day weekend (all purchased from official government run liquor stores, of course).

  3. It kicks off History Week

    From 2013 onwards, Canada Day has marked the beginning of Canada History Week—which encourages citizens to learn more about their nation by visiting museums, monuments, and memorials.

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