Gingersnap Day

Gingersnap Day - Monday, July 1, 2024

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Fancy a sweet and yet spicy snack? If you’re a fan of the humble biscuit, you’re probably already aware of the legendary gingersnap.

A tough, crunchy and (obviously) ginger-y treat, the gingersnap has long been a popular teatime treat across the world. And today, it’s all about taking a moment to appreciate just how great these little biccies are.

Depending on where you go, you might get a slightly different biccie from different regional variant recipes – but wherever you are, raise a cup of tea to the ginger biscuit today and be sure to join in by tucking into one…or three!

History of Gingersnap Day

This tough little biscuit is often known as a ‘ginger nut’ in Australia, New Zealand and in the United Kingdom, but the makeup of them remains pretty much the same when you get down to it.

In the United Kingdown especially, they are very popular. Because of how tough they are and how slow they are to disintegrate when wet, they are often cited as being one of the best biccies to dunk in your cup of tea by the Great British public – who, as avid tea drinkers, should know!

In New Zealand, ginger biscuits are the most popular biscuit around – again, because they can withstand being dunked into hot liquid much better than other biscuits.

The term ‘gingersnap’ is usually most used in the United States. Though the recipe for them is very much the same as elsewhere, sometimes they are made with maple syrup too.

How to celebrate Gingersnap Day

A fan of biscuits? Today, make sure your midday snack includes at least one tasty gingersnap!

You can make your own gingersnap biscuits quite easily at home too if you are feeling especially creative today, and want to channel your inner chef.

To make the cookie, you will need the basics – butter, brown sugar, golden syrup or maple syrup, some plain flour and of course the titular ginger spice that makes it so distinctive.

You can use ginger flavoring if you want to keep things nice and simple, but you can use ground fresh ginger if you want to make them super yummy.

The resultant cookies should be circular, of a medium thickness, and have a lovely cracked top that looks a bit like a dry riverbed!

Make sure you share your creations on social media using the hashtag #gingersnapday!

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