Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Dental Assistants Recognition Week - March 3-9, 2025

Dentists are made up of people who work hard; from a long line of education to a busy office, dentists make their way into a successful career that benefits people in need of healthy teeth.

Dental assistants, while they may seem like the sidekick of the business, but that’s not true. In fact, they’re much more important than people realize. That’s why there’s Dental Assistants Recognition Week, a holiday that gives people an opportunity to say thank you to those who work hard to help take care of people’s teeth.

History of Dental Assistants Recognition Week

While your primary dentist is usually the one handling all of the vital paperwork and is the careholder of your teeth, dental assistants are the people hands-on when it comes to your teeth, giving you your yearly checkup and always telling you to floss your teeth, no matter how much you don’t like it.

Dental assistants are the helpers, the ones who clean your teeth, comfort your children, and give you the in’s and out’s of your health. For many people, however, that role in the office may seem underappreciated and usually goes unrecognized.

Founded by the American Dental Assistants Association, Dental Assistants Recognition Week is known as a great time to acknowledge and recognize the talent of those in each dental team.

This holiday is about showing appreciation for those in the dental industry and see how their hard work has improved the lives of many patients and improve the dental sector overall. Throughout the holiday, people in the United States and Canada celebrate by giving gifts to their favorite dental assistants, whether it be balloons and flowers or a simple thank you card.

Dental assistants help keep the business going, help assist in every way possible, and go far beyond to help their patients; that’s why on Dental Assistants Recognition Week, it’s always important to take the time to say thank you.

How to Celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week

One of the best ways to celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week is by giving them gifts. Give them their favorite flowers, a thank you card, or if you’re cheeky enough, their favorite dessert.

If you work in a dental office, decorate your facility with all kinds of beautiful decorations to say thank you to your friendly assistants. You can also go to the American Dental Assistants Association and find brochures and posters to advertise around your neighborhood.

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