Tapioca Pudding Day

Tapioca Pudding Day - Monday, July 15, 2024

Dessert Food & Drink

Tapioca Pudding Day could well be the day to redeem the nightmares of school puddings and rediscover the delights of tapioca when the mysterious grey sludge is actually done properly.

Luckily, modern cooks and recipe-book writers have exerted a bit more imagination on the question of how best to use the cassava root flour, so you’ll be able to find many more appealing variations on the old classic.

Start with tapioca flour, or pearls or even whole root. Try it with cream, milk or coconut milk. Mix in spices, fruit or citrus juices. Layer it with chocolate or jam or tasty syrups. Make it thin and runny, or chunky and firm. Try whipping in an egg or two. Explore variants from every continent. There are even savoury puddings, if you don’t have such a sweet tooth.

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