National Coquito Day

National Coquito Day - Saturday, December 21, 2024

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December 21 is National Coquito Day! 

Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican holiday drink, which embodies the island’s warm and open spirit. Most Puerto Rican families have their own coquito recipes, passed down generation to generation. 

Coquito is often compared to eggnog — and is enjoyed as an aperitif, after-dinner drink, or given as a gift and shared among friends and family. While nobody knows the exact origins of the drink, and their is no canonical recipe, all versions call for milk, cream of coconut, and Puerto Rican rum.

National Coquito Day Activities

  1. Share with friends and family!

    Coquito is made to be shared, and is almost always consumed in the company of friends and family.

  2. Start early

    To experience Coquito at its tastiest, refrigerate the batch for 2-3 days and serve in a small cordial or shot glass, sprinkle with ground cinnamon.

  3. Recite your toasts

    Coquito is usually accompanied by elaborate toasts; make sure you have something memorable prepared for your next Christmas Eve party.

Why We Love National Coquito Day

  1. It gets us in the Christmas spirit

    Coquito is usually consumed during the weeks around Christmas, and helps families get into the spirit of the season.

  2. It's truly Puerto Rican

    Coquito is a uniquely Puerto Rican drink, and has been consumed on the island for generations.

  3. Everyone has their own spin

    Families often add their own unique spin to the Coquito recipe, meaning there's always a new variation to try!

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