National Corn Dog Day

National Corn Dog Day - Saturday, March 16, 2024

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While the jury’s still out on knowing exactly who invented the corn dog, one thing is certain: It’s about as American as food items get. Cornmeal was a staple of the Native American diet, and hot dogs are an American adaptation of a German classic. The marriage of these ingredients led to the creation of an item that dominated a fair share of 20th century grab-and-go food sales, and in the process, became a cultural icon. On March 16, we celebrate the corn dog’s iconic status with National Corn Dog Day!

National Corn Dog Day Activities

  1. Take a trip to Coney Island

    Coney Island might not be the home of the first corn, but you can certainly find a lot of them here! Check out the pier for all of the hot dog stands.

  2. Make your own

    If they were difficult to make, they probably wouldn't be served at fairs. Making corn dogs is an easy process, and if you do it at home, you can have it your way. Mushroom swiss hot dog for the inside — why not?

  3. Find the best near you

    Corn dogs aren't just for fairs anymore! Check out your local holes-in-the-wall to see if they're hiding this American classic somewhere on their menu.

Why We Love National Corn Dog Day

  1. They're the everyman's food

    The appeal of the corn dog crosses economic boundaries — rich or poor, you'll have a hard time finding a whole group of people who isn't down with the corn dog.

  2. They're easy to eat

    It's practically a universal truth: if it can be eaten on a stick, it better be eaten on a stick.

  3. They're the opposite of healthy

    Salads have their place in the world, but when you're looking for something to stick to your ribs, corn dogs do the trick.

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