Panda Day

Panda Day - Sunday, March 16, 2025


Pandas are big fluffy balls of fan wearing a tuxedo! Everyone knows what a panda looks like, and no one hates them. (You, in the back, the panda hater, you’re invited to leave planet Earth at any time) These cuddly little tumblers are especially known for their prodigious appetites that give them the ability to consume massive amounts of bamboo. Panda Day is dedicated to spreading awareness about this majestic teddy-bears of nature, spreading the word that deforestation is leading to the destruction of their habitats, and has placed them on the endangered animal list.

History of Panda Day

Panda Day grew out of the recognized need to help protect these beautiful bears. Yes, that’s right, any rumors you’ve heard to the contrary about them not being bears is false, they are part of the Ursidae family, which places them solidly in the bear Kingdom. (Interestingly, they’re also part of the Carnivora Order, which means they share a lot in common with dogs, like all bears) Housed in zoos and conservatories all over the world, these big guys require conservation efforts to even have a chance at recovering from their current state.

This means that even while examples of the species exist in the wild, efforts must be made to protect their habitat and even control the predators in their area. They’re very sensitive creatures and disruptions to their environment can lead to issues with them reproducing. Little success has been had in captivity, though that’s been changing in recent years. Still, they aren’t prone to giving birth very often, and that means that any loss to their number is potentially tragic.

It helps that everyone loves Pandas! (Again, you in the back, get out of here, we don’t want your kind around here)

How to Celebrate Panda Day

Well obviously your first stop should be your local zoo! Almost every zoo has a panda exhibit, in part due to the massive love for the panda across the world. While you’re there, be sure to look into getting panda themed souvenirs, though check to ensure that profits from them go to support panda conservation. You can also buy panda themed things and keep them on your desk, or even wear panda themed clothes to really help spread awareness of this endangered species. If all else fails, just take some time to make a small donation to a panda based charity.

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