National Hot Breakfast Month

National Hot Breakfast Month - February 2024

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I’ve recently started eating steel cut oats for my morning breakfast, and let me tell you, it’s a powerhouse way to start the day. In fact, a hot and hardy (hearty?) breakfast is a good way to jumpstart anybody’s body, regardless of what time of day it is or how hectic the lifestyle.

To that end, we’re happy to fill you in on a little thing called National Hot Breakfast Month, which lasts the whole of February, and is probably the coolest celebration you’ve never heard about.

Let’s take a look.

National Hot Breakfast Month timeline

August 16, 2015

Breakfast Breaks a Record

According to Guinness World Records, the most people eating breakfast in bed is 418 at the Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel in China.

August 8, 1894

Breakfast Gets Cold

American John Harvey Kellogg and his little brother, Will, create the first corn flake, and a breakfast revolution is born.

19th Century

Workers Need Fuel

When the industrial revolution started plowing full-steam ahead in the 1800s, workers started eating an early-morning meal to get them through the day.

17th-18th Centuries.

Breakfast is Widely Served

Most social classes start to eat breakfast each morning—rich families had special breakfast rooms.

9,600 BCE

Porridge in the Pot, 2.5 Million Years Old

Some historians claim that the first breakfasts were a type of porridge eaten during the Stone Age.

National Hot Breakfast Month Activities

  1. Cook breakfast with the family

    Raising kids and keeping the family moving and on schedule is a full-time task. It’s always good to slow down at least once in a while. A good way to squeeze in some family time and a hot breakfast is to cook it together as a family. Find out everybody’s favorite hot breakfast food and get cookin’!

  2. Try something new

    Those steel cut oats I mentioned before are not only good for you, but they’re a delicious way to get your day started. Try them if you haven’t already. Or find another hot breakfast food that’s a little out of the ordinary, such as apple bacon pancakes. Mmmmm.

  3. Have breakfast for dinner (and a movie)

    Queue up a breakfast-themed movie, like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “The Breakfast Club” and serve a hot breakfast for dinner while you watch.

Why We Love National Hot Breakfast Month

  1. It's cold out

    The heavy winter chill still clings to the month of February and won’t let go. What better way to ward off the winter chills than with a hot breakfast? It’s a way to remind ourselves that spring is just around the corner.

  2. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day

    There’s been a lot of speculation lately about the wisdom of proclaiming breakfast as the most important of all meals. But while scientists can debate that one, we’ll make sure to start the day off with a hot breakfast. After all, we haven’t eaten in like, eight hours. Time to break the fast!

  3. There is so much variety

    From cereals to oatmeal to farm-fresh eggs and sausage, there’s a whole lot of variety when it comes to finding a satisfying and hot morning meal. Part of the fun is just figuring out what you’d like to eat the next day for breakfast.

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