National Ravioli Day

National Ravioli Day - Thursday, March 20, 2025

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Triple cheese. Wild mushroom. Butternut squash. Ravioli can handle just about anything. It’s also one of America’s favorite foods. That’s why we’re proud to have Three Bridges along for our annual National Ravioli Day celebration on March 20. As you’ll see, this particular pasta goes back to the 14th century. No surprise there. Ravioli can work for any meal of the day — including dessert! The best part? You can have ready-made ravioli ready in about 10 minutes. Read on for a fun look at where ravioli came from — and a tasty preview of how you can enjoy all the varieties.

National Ravioli Day timeline

January 2019

End of a (ravioli) era

Landmark downtown San Francisco restaurant Lucca Ravioli announced plans to close. The red, white, and green building stood on the corner of 22nd and Valencia for 94 years.


Ravioli meme

Plankton, a "SpongeBob SquarePants" character, achieved internet meme status with his memorable quote: "Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formu-oli!"


​Ravioli finds religion

Bartolomeo Scappi served ravioli to the papal conclave in Rome. Fillings included boiled pork belly, Parmesan cheese, sugar, herbs, spices, and raisins.

14th century

Royal ravioli

King Richard II's chefs mentioned ravioli in a British cookbook. The dish was referred to as “rauioles.”

​14th century

The first mention of ravioli

Ravioli first appeared in the personal letters of Francesco di Marco Datini, a Prato merchant.

5 Reasons Ravioli's So Versatile

  1. It's a "wrap"

    ​The word ravioli comes from the Italian word “riavvolgere” which means “to wrap."

  2. Ravioli soup

    Kreplach, popular in traditional Jewish homes, are small dumplings typically filled with meat or chicken. They're folded into triangles and often served in soup — especially during the holiday of Purim.

  3. A "ravioli toast" to St. Louis

    You can trace the roots of toasted ravioli (breaded and deep fried) to an Italian neighborhood known as "The Hill."

  4. Naked ravioli?

    It's actually a bowl of ravioli filling without the pasta shell — if you're looking for something lighter.

  5. Ravioli for dessert

    That's correct. Our favorite Three Bridges recipe? "Butternut Ravioli Beignets." Lightly dusted with powdered sugar of course.

National Ravioli Day Activities

  1. Try some new recipes

    Check out Three Bridges for dozens of ideas including "Grilled Chicken & Mozzarella Ravioli with Arugula Pesto and Tomatoes."

  2. Alternative prep

    You can pan sear Three Bridges ravioli, or put it in the oven with sauce.

  3. Create original side dishes

    If you're feeling inspired (and have the time), consider mixing up a ravioli salad.

Why We Love National Ravioli Day

  1. So many options

    Keep it traditional with meats and cheeses. Or go organic by adding beets, spinach, or mushrooms. The superfood kale makes a great filling too.

  2. Kid-friendly

    Veggie ravioli can inspire kids to eat healthier. And remember our tip about desserts!

  3. History in the making

    Over 700 years and still as popular as ever. What will ravioli dishes look like in 2119?

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