Kiss Your Fiance Day

Kiss Your Fiance Day - Thursday, March 20, 2025

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We know that planning your wedding is an exciting and perhaps harrowing time, but you know what’s even more challenging?  Remembering to work in some special time for you and the person you’re getting married to before the day even arrives.

Kiss Your Fiance Day reminds those in the midst of planning their wedding to not let that planning process take precedence over retaining that special bond with the person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.

Learn about Kiss Your Fiance Day

Kiss Your Fiance Day has been created so that all of the engaged couples out there can set aside a bit of time for some romance and fun! After all, it can be easy to get lost in the stress and drama of planning a wedding. From finding the perfect dress to deciding how you’re going to keep apart your Grandma Pat and Uncle Steven who hate each other, there can be a lot of hurdles in the build-up to the big day. It can be easy to lose sight of why you’re getting married in the first place, so put all of the wedding plans aside for one day and simply focus on each other. 

History of Kiss Your Fiance Day

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful processes anyone has to go through, even though the reason for it is one of the most exciting and incredible things a person can experience.

It’s not uncommon for the wedding planning process to lead to hurt feelings, arguments, and all sorts of relationship angst centered around what everyone wants that special day to be like.

Kiss Your Fiance Day is your reminder to step back and let it all go once in a while and spend some time remembering what all the fuss is about. You’ll be spending the rest of your life with this incredible person you’ve found, but it doesn’t have to wait until after the vows are spoken.

Couples that are planning to get married find that setting aside time to spend not thinking about this process means they’re more likely to get to that big day.

How to celebrate Kiss Your Fiance Day

Celebrating Kiss Your Fiance Day can start with a lingering kiss, but it doesn’t have to end there! Start by going back to where it all began.  Was there a restaurant or event that you attended together that set your whole relationship in motion?

Are there friends you haven’t seen in a while that were part of the reason you got together to begin with?  Maybe reminiscing about how your relationship kicked off isn’t what works for you.

If that’s the case take Kiss Your Fiance Day and go do something you’ve been planning to do together for a while.  The whole purpose of the holiday is to reduce stress and strengthen the bond between two people who will be spending the rest of their days waking up to each other.  

If you really feel like letting loose and having fun, why not throw a house or garden party, so you and your loved ones can all appreciate one and other? You can encourage everyone to come dressed as a famous couple so that you’re in-keeping with the theme of Kiss Your Fiance Day. If you’ve not had an engagement party yet, you can tie the two together! Of course, those not in relationships can dress up with a friend or embrace the theme in any way they wish! 

You will need to make sure you and your fiance have the best costume! There are so many exciting options. If you’re interested in channelling the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood, you may be interested in dressing up as Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio or Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts. The easiest way to channel your favourite star’s look is to purchase an inexpensive wig.

If you’ve got long hair, purchase a hair cap, as it’ll make putting your wig on so much easier. Alternatively, you may be interested in bringing the classic fairy-tale of Little Red Riding Hood to life; simply pair a Little Red Riding Hood costume, which are readily available, with a petticoat, a red cape and frilly costume stockings. As for recreating the big bad wolf, pair a loose nightgown with a frightening wolf mask.

Or if you’re a Star Wars fan, you may be interested in dressing up as Princess Leia and Hans Solo, R2D2 and C3PO or Anakin and Padme. If you’re tempted to dress up as Princess Leia, get your hands on a Princess Leia inspired wig and a pair of white platform boots. If you plan on dressing up as Hans Solo, don’t leave home without Hans Solo’s iconic vest.

You can have lots of fun with this theme as well. Make sure that you add lots of kisses to the event. You can have a “kiss cam” for example, just like they do at the big sports events! You can also create your own cocktails, such as strawberry martini kisses, or something along those lines. How about baking some cookies in the shapes of lips? Getting prepared for the day with your fiance will be a lot of fun, and then you get to spread the love with everyone else and make sure they focus on romance!

Your wedding is just one day in a lifetime of joy, sorrow, and celebration so take Kiss Your Fiance Day to remember why you’re going through all the work to get married to begin with!

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