Pretzel Day

Pretzel Day - Friday, April 26, 2024

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There’s something special about a pretzel, the rich warm bready smell, the burst of salt as you bite into it, and in the best of time, the delicious flavor of cheese that you dip it in. Or maybe you’re one of those who prefer the crunch of the kind you can buy in a bag at the store, that amazing addition to any snack mix, and the foundation of sports gatherings everywhere. Whatever your preference, Pretzel Day exemplifies this amazing treat in all its forms. So grab your favorite variety, sit back and munch down on the most auspicious of snack based days!

History of Pretzel Day

Like all food related holidays, we like to start with a little history of where the food came from. We love the story of the pretzel, especially as it shares a theme with candy canes, another of our favorites! (In fact, Candy Cane Pretzels, dusted with crushed candy canes instead of salt and glazed with frosting, are a great winter time treat!).

Sometime during the Middle Ages, Catholic Monks were trying to figure out what to do with these bits of leftover dough. Clever as they were, they came up with the pretzel, folding the dough into the shape of praying hands, or the knot representing the Holy Trinity, depending on who you ask.

Since then the pretzel has evolved into a much loved treat has seen many uses, including representing marriage (where the term ‘tying the knot’ came into prominence) and finally into modern day as a popular addition to concession stands at carnivals and events of all kinds.

The origin of the hard pretzel is a bit more recent, and is among the ranks of other great accidental discoveries like the potato chip. You see, apparently when you leave a pretzel in the oven too long, it will bake into a crisp and crunchy bit of deliciousness. The baker was so pleasantly surprised with the result that he took the time to perfect the recipe, and now they’re a hugely popular snack!

How to Celebrate Pretzel Day

Let’s start off with getting yourself your favorite variety of pretzel! Even better, a lot of places celebrate this holiday by offering free pretzels to their customers. After all, sometimes the best way to get someone started on a delicious and addictive snack is to give them the first one free!

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can always try making your own with one of the hundreds of recipes online, or take the middle road and whip up a delicious snack mix using premade hard pretzels, seasonings, and other snack mixes. However you do it, Pretzel Day is a great time to celebrate this wonderful treat with the long history.

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