Get Organized Day

Get Organized Day - Friday, April 26, 2024

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Do you find yourself lost in an absolute sea of clutter? Is your filing cabinet more of a three story garbage can? Does your desk require an archaeological team to find? Do you often find yourself lost in a sea of ‘was that appointment today or sometime next week?’ only to find out it was last week? Then Get Organized Day may wind up being your salvation. The one thing you can never get back is time, and organization can save you absolute mountains of it by making sure you know where things are, how to find them, and where to put them back for next time.

History Of Get Organized Day

The History of this holiday isn’t hard to imagine, though if you know the sort of people that desperately need a day like ‘Get Organized Day’ in their lives, it probably took a while to get started. I mean first you had to find out where you left all the notes on getting organized, then you had to spend a day organizing as you realized that finding it was going to be impossible in your current organization system. Then you’d find yourself exhausted after all the time you took to get organized, and when you were finally rested, you’d realize you’d have to get started all over again.

That’s kind of what the life of a disorganized person is like, precious time is wasted not by performing actual work, but by trying to find out what happened to all the things you need to get started in your workday. Organization comes in many forms, but one thing is known beyond question, that if you have all of your things sorted and organized where you can find them before you ever set down to work, everything from there on out is going to be a cinch.

How to celebrate Get Organized Day

Alright, we can already hear the groans before we even get to it. How do you celebrate get organized day? By getting organized! Dig out all of your old “filing” systems that really amount to nothing more than a place to put things, and sort out what’s in there. We know you’re thinking that the time it takes to find everything and sort it is time you need spent on other, more important things. News Flash! The amount of time it takes you to get organized is going to be exceeded, by far, by the time savings you get from being organized in the first place.

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