Rotisserie Chicken Day

Rotisserie Chicken Day - Monday, June 2, 2025

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There’s something about the rich golden skin of a properly prepared rotisserie chicken that makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? While fried chicken and baked chicken are consumed every day, fewer people really get to enjoy the delicious treat that is the rotisserie style chicken, slowly spun over heat until it is evenly cooked all the way through to a pull apart consistency. Rotisserie chicken is available at stores all around the world, and Rotisserie chicken day celebrates them, their history, and their delicious flavors.

History of Rotisserie Chicken Day

Rotisserie chickens have been available in stores and supermarkets since the 1930’s, and their popularity hasn’t waned in the slightest. The rise of meals eaten out at restaurants and on the go after World War II led to a drop in people doing grocery shopping, but the rotisserie chicken always kept them coming back in. How popular is the rotisserie chicken? 600 million of them were sold in the US alone, with 76 million of them sold in Costco outlets alone!

The practice of rotisserie cooking chickens goes back hundreds of years, with paintings showing them being done in large batches since at least the 1300’s. Of course, back then, the turning of the rotisserie had to be done by hand. What is it that makes rotisserie cooked meals so amazing? To begin with, they cook evenly thanks to the steady turning during cooking, but they also remain moist and delicious as they continually self-baste in their own juices!

The invention of motor driven rotisseries has let the rotisserie chicken (and other things!) become a mainstream mass produced item, and we absolutely love them!

How to celebrate Rotisserie Chicken Day

Thankfully celebrating Rotisserie Chicken Day isn’t just easy, it’s absolutely delicious, and it all starts by going out and getting yourself a rotisserie chicken. In fact, why not get a dozen and take them into work? They have a tendency to be remarkably inexpensive and come in a dazzling variety of flavors, including roasted butter garlic, Italian herb, and even some spicier varieties that include crushed red pepper. Feeling truly adventurous? Buy yourself a home rotisserie and start experimenting with new flavor combinations and start serving yourself and your family up a delicious home cooked meal with little effort. Of course, if it’s just you, there’s always the single serving Cornish game hen! Rotisserie Chicken Day can be your start to a whole new culinary adventure!

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