Gorgeous Grandma Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day - Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Many people around the world say that we do not do enough to honour our elderly. Just as well, then, that days such as Gorgeous Grandma Day exist.

Gorgeous Grandma Day is a time of the year in which we can celebrate the grannies in our lives. Everybody thinks that their grandma is gorgeous – so what could be better than an entire day devoted to acknowledging that fact? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are well known, so Gorgeous Grandma Day is a natural progression.

Learn about Gorgeous Grandma Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day is not just about celebrating those women who have the delight of being a grandma. It is about recognizing all women of a certain age, no matter whether they have grandchildren or not. After all, there are a lot of women who would love nothing more than to have grandchildren, yet they have not been able to. 

Now that you know the day exists, hopefully, you are already making plans to spend it with your own gran. No matter what your grandmother prefers to do with her time, this is the day in which you can be sure she will have plenty of time to do it – and plenty of people willing to support her.

History of Gorgeous Grandma Day

In order to understand the history of Gorgeous Grandma Day, you need to know where the phrase ‘Gorgeous Grandma’ comes from. We have Alice Solomon to credit for this. She graduated from Wellesley College at the age of 50-years-old in 1984.

She felt that society viewed her and other females of her age or older as senior citizens. She believed that they were viewed as females who were no longer relevant or useful, and so she made it her mission to change this notion. This is when she came up with the idea of ‘Gorgeous Grandma.’ She recognized that the term ‘grandma’ was attributed to older females, irrespective of whether they were a grandmother or not.

Because of this, she decided that the best thing to do was to embrace the term, yet she decided to put the adjective ‘gorgeous’ in front of it. She thought that this created a ‘notice me’ and snappy image, which would be ideal for celebrating the older woman. She then decided to create Gorgeous Grandma Day in an attempt to get rid of all of the typical stereotypes that surround older women, showing them that there is still a lot that they can do. 

How to celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day

Spend the day treating your grandma

If your grandma is still with you, Gorgeous Grandma Day is the perfect day for you to let her know just how special she is. Why not spend the day treating your grandma? You could go out for a delicious afternoon tea together. After all, what is more fun than some sweet treats, finger sandwiches, and a glass of bubbles?

You don’t have to spend money in order to make the day special for your grandma either. Simply spending time with her is going to be enough to put a smile on her face and make your grandma feel special. You could also cook something for your grandma. After all, while we’re not trying to stereotype, a lot of grandmothers do spend their time cooking.

This is because cooking is often a sign of love, and grandmothers love doing things for those close to them. So, why not repay the favor and cook a meal for your grandmother to show her how much you appreciate everything she does for you?

Watch the film ‘Grandma’ for some laughs 

You could also enjoy a film with your grandma. There have been some pretty great films based on bad-ass grandparents! Of course, there is the film called ‘Grandma.’ this was released in 2015, and it will make you and your grandma laugh. It features Julia Garner, who plays Elle, a lesbian poet and widow. She is visited by her teenage granddaughter who needs money for an abortion.

The film watches the pair as they try to raise money by calling in favors from people in Elle’s past. The film has received rave reviews and it was actually listed in the top ten independent films of 2015 when it was released, so you can be sure that you and your grandma will have a good laugh watching it together. Get those snacks in and enjoy some special bonding time together!  

Make your grandma a card

If you don’t live near your grandma and you cannot spend time with her, why not make her a card? She will certainly appreciate that you have taken the time to make something especially for her. Make sure you include a note that lets your grandma know how much you are thinking about her and that you love her and miss her. If you’re someone who feels like they’re not very good with words, why not include a poem? You will find lots of help and inspiration online should you need it. 

If you are a Gorgeous Grandma yourself, use this day to achieve your goals and dreams 

If you are a female who is aged 50 or older, you should celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day by doing the things that you really want to do. It does not matter how old you are; you can still achieve anything you want to. This is what Alice Solomon showed by graduating at the age of 50-years-old. So, take that class that you have always wanted to take, or do that activity that you have always wanted to do. Don’t let doubts or stereotypes hold you back. Life is for living, as they say! 

Pay tribute to all of the incredible older women out there

You can also spend the day paying tribute to older women who have shown us that anything is possible. There are lots of incredible stories online about older women who are truly awesome at life! For example, we have Flo Meiler, who took up track and field when she was 60-years-old, showing you that you are never too old to go and reach your dreams. She then tried pole vault for the first time when she was 65-years-old. She now holds a ton of U.S. records for women in her age group, as well as world records. Why not spend some time reading up on her accomplishments?

Not only will you be astonished, but we are sure that this will inspire you to achieve your dreams too. There are many other stories like this whereby incredible women have shown the rest of us that it is never too late to make a difference and achieve those life goals! We also love the story of Dorothy Custer, who is the oldest person to leap off a bridge 500 feet above the Snake River. In fact, this is how she spent her 102nd birthday! 

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