National Gorgeous Grandma Day

National Gorgeous Grandma Day - Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Maybe you call her Nana. Maybe you call her Granny. Maybe you call her when you’re in trouble because you know she’ll be there for you at the drop of a hat. Whatever the case may be, today is her day. But it’s not just Grandma Day—oh no. This July 23, we celebrate National Gorgeous Grandma Day. Today’s the day to tell ol’ Granny just how stunning she really is. She looks fly for an eighty year old, you have to admit. We bet all the grandpas are dying to get with her.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day Activities

  1. Take her shopping

    When’s the last time you treated your grandma to a date? Today is the day to pamper her and treat her the way she deserves. Take this time to go shopping with her. Spoil her. Give her a modern day makeover and make her feel like the young fox she once was. (Well, is, really. Did we mention our grandmas are gorgeous yet? Grandma, if you’re reading this, you’re a foxy babe.)

  2. Send her a card

    Leave FaceTime, texting, and phone calls behind in the past. Do something out of the ordinary, with more meaning, that will make your gorgeous grandma smile from ear to ear. Purchase a blank card from your local convenience store, and let her know what she means to you. Send her flowers with the card! Just like One Direction would say “[Your grandma] doesn’t know she’s beautiful, oh oh.” It’s your job to remind her. So go get em, tiger!

  3. Join the conversation – #GorgeousGrandma

    Let the world know how gorgeous your grandma truly is by posting pictures of you two having a blast. Use the hashtag #GorgeousGrandma to see other Nanas out there. Have fun! But remember—yours is always going to be the hottest. She says so.

Why We Love National Gorgeous Grandma Day

  1. She makes the best. food. ever.

    Think about it, who makes the best food in your family? Whose food do you look forward to during the holidays? It’s always Grandma’s, am I right? Now, calm down—this is not an attack on other family members. But we’re just saying, no one in history has ever said, “This Mac’N’Cheese is amazing. Just like Uncle Jim Bob used to make it!” Well, one person out there might have said it, but you know what we mean. Grandmas make the best dishes. Period. Live with it, Uncle Jim Bob. Jim Bob’s probably not as gorgeous as Grandma, either. She takes the cake (see what we did there) for cooking with style and panache. Speaking of which, we’re hungry. Do you think our grandmas would make us some food?

  2. She has (less than) no filter

    Most gorgeous grandmothers have the tendency to say whatever comes to mind, no matter who they are around. We aren’t sure what the reason is, but we’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities. They either don’t care, or they don’t know what they are saying is “politically incorrect.” Either way, we’re 100% here for it. It may not fit in with our society’s standards, but it’s entertaining to say the least. Is this a good time to mention how gorgeous our grandmas look while spouting politically incorrect nonsense? No? Well we did it anyway. Our grandmas are beautiful and we don’t care who knows it. Take that, world!

  3. She's a rebel with a cause

    Grandmas are badasses set in their ways, and they typically don’t like to listen to rules. Especially rules like, “Do not give Johnny Jr. ice cream, Mom.” Saying that to the average grandma is like telling her not to push a giant red button. Forget about it. Grandmas love to spoil their children regardless of what they are told. And so even though we love our gorgeous grandmas, we suspect our children love them even more. They’re not thinking about things like early onset diabetes—oh no. They’re just reveling in sugar highs all day.

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