Sprinkle Day

Sprinkle Day - Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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If there’s anything, any child can tell you it’s that no matter how bad life is, it can always be improved with the addition of sprinkles. These delightful confectionery decorations bring a bright splash of joy to whatever you put them on, and they’re most popular added to cupcakes, cakes, and ice cream.

It doesn’t end there though, sprinkles are used in all sorts of things all over the world, and Sprinkles Day is all about learning about these variations and trying them out at home.

History of Sprinkles Day

Like everything else sprinkles have an origin point, we’re fortunate that there even happens to be a way to trace them back some of their first appearances. They were originally referred to as Nonpareils and can be found as early as the 18th Century, though there is evidence to suggest that they were in use even earlier than that.

Since then they have grown ever more popular and began being found in countries all over the world in an ever-growing combination of flavors. As is clear from their original name that no one uses, Nonpareils, these tasty decorations are known by different names all over the world. In Holland they’re known as hagelslag, in Philadelphia and Boston they’re known as Jimmies, in Indonesia they’re known as meses, and in Belgium, they’re known by the somewhat whimsical muizenstrontjes or mouse droppings.

In Australia and New Zealand, there’s a special treat made using candy sprinkles known as fairy bread, which involves buttered white bread with sugar sprinkles on top!

How to celebrate Sprinkles Day

The best way to celebrate Sprinkles Day is just to put sprinkles on everything you can! Having oatmeal for breakfast? Add some sugar sprinkles! Getting a muffin at lunch? Add sprinkles to it! Want to have a heaping Ice Cream Sundae for dessert? Give it some color with a nice dash of sprinkles. Of course, if you want to introduce a global snack to your kids, give them fairy bread so they can learn a little bit about international cultures while you’re at it! (Provided, of course, you’re not in Australia, in which case it’s just a snack). Sprinkles are one of those things that can make any day better, so grab a container and start adding them to things!

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