Electronic Greetings Day

Electronic Greetings Day - Friday, November 29, 2024

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You remember all of those sometimes cute, sometimes funny, and sometimes downright obnoxious electronic greeting cards that used to appear in your email inbox? Well, if you hadn’t guessed it, there’s actually a day devoted to electronic greetings. Fittingly, that day is known as Electronic Greetings Day.

History of Electronic Greetings Day

With technology growing to be an ever more important component of our day to day lives over the last few decades and the fact that it’s continuing to do so (no arguing – in all likelihood you’re reading this article on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet), the advent of electronic greetings became inevitable. You might remember all of those e-cards back in the late 1990s when everyone in the US was just starting to have a personal computer at home – those may seem so dated now, with their low-resolution graphics and all, but in their day it was quite an exciting thing to get an animated greeting card in your email.

These days, things like Facebook stickers and other electronic greetings dominate the field, but the concept remains more or less unchanged. Electronic greetings are here to stay, and why not celebrate them with their own day? Since any mention of exactly when Electronic Greetings Day first occurred seems to be unavailable, we’re going to venture a guess and posit that the occasion was created by those websites which sell e-cards – most likely sometime between the late 1990s and mid-2000s.

How to celebrate Electronic Greetings Day

Well, we’d assume that you’re already on a device connected to the internet if you’re reading this, and so it should be easy enough to go an electronic greeting card website and send a few animated cards to your friends and family right now.

If you haven’t gotten any e-cards lately and would like to, then you might have to start the process and send a few yourself. It’s true that the genre may seem a bit dated, but if you think about it, those stickers that you can send in many instant messenger services (such as Facebook and Telegram) are a sort of more modern evolution of the same ideas. But e-cards are far from dead, and one can easily find websites with numerous different e-cards for any occasion. And if you’ve never sent anyone an e-card before in your life, then Electronic Greetings Day marks the perfect occasion to go ahead and do just that.

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