Lemon Cream Pie Day

Lemon Cream Pie Day - Friday, November 29, 2024

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Lemon cream pie, not to be mistaken for lemon meringue pie (another laudable pie with its roots firmly embedded in citron heaven) is a delightful, sunny-colored treat that is sure to bring a certain brightness to anyone’s day. Lemon Cream Pie Day was established to celebrate this beautiful, sweet, and tangy treat and all those who prepare it for our consumption.

History of Lemon Cream Pie Day

We know it’s traditionally pumpkin pie season, but we just can’t quite let go of the pleasures of summer yet. While the pumpkin pie is rich with all the flavors and textures of autumn, the bright and vibrant colors and flavors of lemon crème pie are undeniably reminiscent of the lost days of summer. While lemon desserts have been popular since the Middle Ages, the delight that is whipped cream didn’t come to pass until the 16th century, and it was the marriage of these two that created the uncommonly delectable autumnal delight.

While we know that other pies have been around longer lemon cream pie is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and well-loved traditional treats. Sadly its citron base doesn’t help to make it particularly healthy, unless of course, you’re doing your best to avoid a nasty case of scurvy. That being said there are benefits to its fruit base, including the benefits to the liver, anti-oxidant properties, and aid in absorbing iron that comes from the lemon. Add all that together with being incredibly easy to make and there are lots of reasons why Lemon Cream Pie Day came to pass.

How To Celebrate Lemon Cream Pie Day

If there’s one place that lemon cream pie can be found at any time, it’s at a traditional greasy spoon diner. Sure they have all those other flavors, but none of them can compare to the delight that is a slice of sunny lemon cream pie. So a great way to celebrate lemon cream pie day is by popping into your favorite roadside dive and ordering up a slice! Of course, if you’re more adventurous you could always try making one yourself. Recipes come in a range of simple, out-of-the-box varieties all the way up to a more refined, elegant variety you might find at high-end restaurants.

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