Package Protection Day

Package Protection Day - Friday, November 29, 2024

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During the holidays, it can be difficult to pay attention to all the tiny details that happen and when you have an important package that needs to be delivered, you can’t risk it going astray. That’s why there’s a holiday called Package Protection Day, a day dedicated to keeping all of your online orders and gifts safe from package theft. Package theft is not entirely as heard of as credit card theft is, but this holiday aims to show the importance of keeping your mail package orders safe and secure from thieves. If you are curious about how this holiday started, read more about its history and learn how to celebrate it here.

History of Package Protection Day

Package theft is a huge thing that occurs during Christmas time when strangers come up to your porch and steal your packages. Because the economics of Christmas has been steadily rising over the past decade, consumers everywhere regular purchase gifts in stores and online in order to make their holidays the best. With the large amounts of consumerism, it is easy for incidents to happen. Hence,, a company that develops home security technology, founded this holiday to help people during the holiday season to keep an eye out on their packages through home security.

Each year, USPS and UPS delivered 1.6 billion packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, which give thieves an opportunity to steal, just like how credit cards can be hacked into during the Christmas season through online orders. states that about 43 percent of neighbors all over the country have reported at least one package stolen, 40 percent has multiple packages taken, 69 percent stated they were too afraid to order online, and 79 percent stated they would ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for their package order. Because of these statistics and the increase in consumerism, Package Protection Day was made to help protect people against package theft and help the Christmas season be safer for everyone.

How to celebrate Package Protection Day

One of the best ways to protect against package theft is to install a home security system in your home. Once you have security cameras, you’ll be able to keep an eye out on what your porch looks like throughout the day and be aware of what happens throughout your home. You can also double check with your mail shipper the progress on your package delivery is and see what more you can do to assure that your package arrives safely. Also, hashtag #packageprotectionday on social media so your friends can know that although it’s Christmas, there are still incidents that can happen.

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