Take A Wild Guess Day

Take A Wild Guess Day - Tuesday, April 15, 2025

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Want to guess what day it is? If you haven’t guessed, It’s Take A Wild Guess Day! This day is all about noticing your hunches. You can also practice your ability to guess while going through your day to day life. Learn more about the history of this unique holiday here at Days of the Year.

History of Take A Wild Guess Day

Take a Wild Guess Day began back in 2010 by Jim Barber, a professional speaker. He had an extensive history in helping audio projects and numerous organizations in hosting worldwide events. Barber originally was a technical trainer on computer software.

He later became a voice talent and used his voice to bring excitement and fun into the world. Take a Wild Guess Day became one of the many achievements under his belt. The idea for this holiday began from him noticing that this day is also Tax Returns Day. From his observation, that many people tend to guess when it comes to filling out their federal tax forms.

He initially thought of calling the holiday That Guess Is Fine Day, but because the holiday name was already taken, he chose the second best name. This was Take A Wild Guess Day, and the holiday since then has become an enormous success.

Take A Wild Guess Day is all about trusting your gut and taking a guess. Using your deduction skills doesn’t hurt either. Whether you get the answers wrong or right, it doesn’t matter because this day is all about having fun.

Guess how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, or how many cookies are in the cookie jar. You may even try to guess what you’ll win at the gambling table.

If you’re the kind of person that love to plan things, take the day to give you and your strict schedule a break and see what can come out of the day. Take A Wild Guess Day is simple and anyone can participate.

How to Celebrate Take A Wild Guess Day

Celebrate Take A Wild Guess Day by starting your day with only taking guesses. If you see an opportunity to take a guess, such as what the weather will be like today. You can even think about what your work productivity will be like, then trust your intuition and take that guess.

Whether your wrong or right, it’s fun to take chances. Get your friends in the game by sharing this holiday with them, and maybe even host a party themed around guessing.

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