Hug Your Boss Day

Hug Your Boss Day - Wednesday, September 18, 2024

Every day we come in and they make sure the office is running smoothly. Problem with a client? You better believe it’s the boss who handles it first. Feeling sick and needing to go home? It’s your boss who says it’s ok and signs off on your sick leave. Up for a promotion? You better believe they’re the one who selected you to move up the ranks. It isn’t all roses either, bosses get a lot of flack for all the hard things they have to do, and sometimes you just need to give them a hug. Good for you Hug Your Boss Day exists to give you an excuse!

History of Hug Your Boss Day

Hug Your Boss Day was created by in 2008 with the intent of creating improved workplace relationships. They believed that if you were happy to hug your boss than you may just enjoy your job a little more and that would translate to improved productivity, morale, and of course motivation to do your very best at work. They’re the ringleader, the person in charge, and the moral and ethical compass of the company, so a solid relationship with them can go a long way.

There’s been a lot of research into the relationships people have with their bosses and what kind of effect that has on their productivity at work. The results are pretty profound, and your boss likely works every day to ensure that you and your coworkers have a bright and positive experience. Isn’t that worth a hug or two? We certainly think so. Hug Your Boss Day invites you to turn the situation around and find ways to brighten your boss’s day for all that they do. Maybe read a bit about how to be a better employee without sucking up, or just how to reduce the amount of unnecessary work they have to do. Your boss is sure to appreciate it.

How to celebrate Hug Your Boss Day

It pretty much starts with coming in and offering your boss a hug for all the hard work they do. From there on out you can organize a hug-in or just a general boss appreciation day, sometimes the hugs that come in a cup of their favorite coffee are the best. Whatever you do, be sure to show your boss you appreciate them on Hug Your Boss Day.

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