Tradesmen Day

Tradesmen Day - Wednesday, September 18, 2024

Remember the famous photo of the builders who sat on the crane poles eating lunch while building the Empire State building? Those were tradesmen.

Tradesmen build our homes, roads, businesses, and schools. They are considered the backbone of every nation because they are doing the jobs that no one wants to do.

That’s why there is a day dedicated to them and their hard work, which include recognition events, celebrations, and activities that present the hard work that they do.

History of Tradesmen Day

Irwin tools, a world-class manufacturer of a broad line of professional hand tools and power tool accessories, founded the day in 2011 to honor the men and women who work hard to keep the United States running.

Irwin tools tend to host nominations for those who have made an impact in their community. However, this holiday is mainly about recognition, and thus many local towns who support their tradesmen are more likely to give out the awards to those who worked to sustain their communities.

Essentially, tradesmen are the start of great stories. Many actors, musicians, and artists tend to start off in these areas of work because of the availability of jobs in the market place.

However, these days people tend to look at the person’s work in the biggest moments of their life, instead of looking back on their previous jobs and seeing the efforts they’ve done there as an accomplishment in itself.

How to celebrate Tradesmen Day

To celebrate Tradesmen Day, tag a friend or family member who works in the industry on social media and thank them for their services. You can also talk with someone you know and learn more about their industry.

You can even create little trophies for them to thank them for the hard work they’ve done. You can create cards, make them dinner, host a party to give them a break. Basically, do anything that says “thank you” and they will definitely appreciate your kindness.

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