Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day

Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day - Thursday, May 2, 2024

Cheating on your partner is not the exciting experience it’s presented as in the movies, even if it may seem so at first. Infidelity destroys relationships, usually making it impossible for the person cheated on to ever trust the cheater with his or her heart again.

It tears parents away from their children, leaving the latter feeling betrayed, deserted and undeserving of attention and love. Cheating can also become something of an addiction, causing the cheater to continue to ruin one relationship after another with his or her infidelity and never find true happiness.

Still, despite all of these terrible consequences and many more, millions of people the world over continue to cheat on their significant others each year. Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day was created to help people understand just how badly infidelity affects all of those involved.

History of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day

The History of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day was created by Christina Ferguson, a graduate of Hampton University and a member of the American Psychological Association, Learning Disabilities Association of America, and National Association of Self-Esteem.

Christina founded Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day after having herself gone through several traumatic events in her relationships because she knew she was not alone in her experiences and wanted others in similar situations to unite and overcome their personal tragedies. In Christina’s own words:

“The vision for Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day is to bring this topic front and center and to shed light on such devastating behavior. It is disturbing to hear about the number of relationships that infidelity has impacted and even more frustrating to witness how acceptable this behavior has become. The goal of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day is to stand up against infidelity. This movement challenges us to look into the heart of the matter.”

In short, the mission is to eradicate normalizing and promoting infidelity as an acceptable and notable behavior by bringing awareness to the emotional and psychological consequences experienced by individuals, children, families, and communities; to offer encouragement and support to those who might suffer in silence as they rebuild their lives and relationships.

How to celebrate Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day

Few causes could be more noble than to help those whose lives have been destroyed by a loved one they trusted’s betrayal, so if you didn’t know about Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, now is the time to make it a part of your life. There are many ways you can go about celebrating this day.

The most basic way to help raise awareness is to wear yellow on Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day and tell those who ask you about your attire what the occasion is. Another easy way to participate is to like Infidelity Hurts Awareness’ Facebook page and share some of their posts to help your Facebook friends find out what the day is all about.

If you have the time to go a few steps further, maybe find the time to call up a friend or family member who suffered from a partner’s infidelity and invite him or her to Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day.

Needless to say, you should go along with him or her to show support! If you live too far away to make it to the event, consider simply inviting your friend out for coffee and a good long talk to remind him or her that even though things may seem terribly difficult now, there is still so much hope and that times heals even the deepest wounds.

Whatever you decide to do on this day, make sure you do what you can to show your support for those trying to put their lives back together after experiencing the pain of infidelity.

In 2017 the name of this day changed from Infidelity SPeaKS Awareness Day to Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day.

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