Fill Our Staplers Day

Fill Our Staplers Day - Saturday, March 8, 2025

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Staplers have been keeping your paper together, keeping them organized, and aids in your ability to submit your work on time. However, what happens when you go to staple your papers and nothing happens?

You get frustrated, you have to search around for more staples, and your work may not be submitted on time as a result. Fill Our Staples Day helps solve that problem ahead of time before it even happens by encouraging people to take the time our to refill their staples.

History of Fill Our Staplers Day

Even while much of today’s workforce is moving towards a digital platform, there are still many offices today that operate using paper. What better way to keep papers together than with staples?

Staplers have been around since the 1700s surprisingly enough, and the invention of the stapler came about when the invention of paper. The first stapler came about when King Louis XV wanted a way to keep papers together, and thus the stapler was invented to do so.

Although many improvements to the mechanical design of the stapler, the 1800s sparked a wide variety of inventions and improvements to technology that helped spark the industrial revolution and its economic flourish of businesses and offices.

The stapler’s design, as a result, hasn’t been changed since the 1930s because of how impactful it became in office life.

According to DullMen’sClub, the holiday was submitted to McGraw-Hill for inclusion to their Chase’s Calendar of Events for 2013. Since it was accepted, the holiday has continued to be part of the Chase Calendar of Events for each year.

Fill Our Staplers Day centers around a simple concept; fill up office staplers so people can keep working and get their work done on time. Why does such a holiday exist? Simply because of how annoying it can be to find that your stapler has no staples in it.

If there are no staples in your stapler, you’d have to either ask someone to fill it for you or go get the staples yourself. When that happens, it delays your work and can potentially get you in a lot of trouble if your work is critical by a certain time.

How to celebrate Fill Our Staplers Day

Celebrate Fill Our Staplers Day by going around your local office and replacing the staples. By doing so, many of your co-workers will appreciate your kindness and effort. It may just make your day go a lot smoother.

If you don’t work in an office, replace the staplers around your home. This can be handy to help organize your paperwork, help your kids with their homework, and make your life overall easier.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #fillourstaplersday and let your friends know about this quirky yet helpful day.

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