No More Week

No More Week - March 2-8, 2025

Domestic violence and sexual assault are pervading problems that for many, hit too close to home and are heart-breaking to hear. While the politics surrounding how to eliminate domestic violence can be complicated.

There are organizations, events, and holidays out there that help raise money and give those who suffered at the hands of domestic violence an outlet to say, well, no more. No More Week is one of those holidays that stands against domestic violence.   

History of No More Week

No More Week is a way for leading organizations, companies, leaders and people to come together to help end domestic violence. No More Week was launched back in 2013 by the No More campaign, which began by a group of founders getting together, believing in the same cause, and creating a place for people to join together to stop domestic violence and sexual assault.

By creating a unifying symbol, the No More campaign helped stakeholders, companies and small organizations shape their values and make impactful change through the power of media, sports, technology, and entertainment.

The No More campaign has become one of the most successful campaigns in recent years. According to the No More website, 1,200 organizations and 75,000 people have joined the campaign in support of the cause alongside hundreds of schools and programs.

For those who have joined the campaign, No More Week gives people the opportunity to share their stories and proclaim that they are survivors and will not let themselves be defeated by domestic violence.

No More Week is also one of the best opportunities for those traumatized by domestic violence and sexual assault to seek help and help others.

How to Celebrate No More Week

One of the best ways to celebrate No More Week is by joining the No More campaign and make your statement out to the world by showing that you want to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Take part in your local events and see if there’s a march out there you can join or an informative session you can attend. Quickly enough, you can also share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #NoMoreWeek and convince your friends to join the campaign to end domestic violence in homes.

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