Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week - March 3-9, 2025

Ebooks, thanks to businesses such as Barnes and Nobles and Amazon, have been growing in popularity for readers. With ebooks, you can keep all of your favorite books in one place and can carry your ebook device with you anywhere without having a backpack filled with paperback books.

While others may prefer the authentic feel of paper instead of a touch screen, for those who love ebooks, Read an Ebook Week has everything to offer for book lovers and is an exciting time for great deals.

History of Read an E-Book Week

Rita Toews, a mother, and an advocate reader is the creator of Read an Ebook Week, an annual international celebration of ebooks. Read an Ebook Week helps bring together ebook retailers, publishers, authors, device-makers and readers who wish to find new stories to read and enjoy as well as gain valuable networking for those in the writing industry.

According to the HuffPost, Toews hopes that with this holiday convinces people will begin to be less skeptical about ebooks and give them a chance. For the publishers and retailers, thousands of ebooks get offered free or at a little discount for avid readers, which also helps provide authors a spotlight of their own.

Toews thought of this holiday through her own experiences as an author as well as her assistance helping authors she knew write their memoirs and stories. After being approached by many friendly co-authors, she thought of ebooks as an excellent way for these authors to get publicity and approached her local library to begin Read an Ebook Week in 2004. As ebooks became popular, so did the holiday. Today, Toews has her website with multiple partnerships with various publishers and retailers to advertise this holiday.

How to Celebrate Read an E-Book Week

Read an Ebook Week is all about promoting rising talent in the writing industry and making significant purchases of ebooks at special discounts. If you have a blog or website that you run, advertise the holiday using the hashtag #ReadanEbookWeek by posting banners, buttons, and images through your feed.

If you’re an author, promote your work on this day and advertise your retailer’s promotions on this day. If you’re a reader who loves books, then check out your favorite ebook sellers and see what new deals you can find and gain a whole new collection of ebooks to relax and enjoy reading.

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