Farmers Day

Farmers Day - Saturday, October 12, 2024

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What is Farmers Day?

Farmers Day is celebrated every year on October 12! The profession of farming began around 12,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock as hunter/gatherers settled down and started to plant their own food. In short, farming is one of the oldest jobs around. So lets take a moment to give some love to all the farmers who work tirelessly to feed us year round.

History of Farmers Day

Agriculture is one of the world’s oldest and vital professions. Farmers have remained one of the highest contributors to economic growth while consistently feeding the people who rely on their goods. Originally referred to as Old Farmer’s Day, National Farmers Day was cultivated to celebrate the hard work farmers put into growing their crops. The date of October 12 came about as it lands at the end of the traditional harvesting period, allowing farmers to participate in festivities, which can sometimes last the entirety of the month. Additionally, every three years, the Harvest Moon will fall in early October, preceding and leading up to National Farmer’s Day on the 12th. 

In fact, in Loranger, Louisiana, there’s an Old Farmer’s Day Festival which celebrates and showcases the traditions and methodologies of farming before it became the modernized and scientific venture it is today. Usually, in states in the northern US, the first frost would occur in the beginning of October, if not the middle, requiring many farmers to harvest their crops beforehand to prepare for the winter. Now, because of scientific developments in farming techniques, the traditional growing period can be prolonged to increase yield and profit, part of the reasoning why National Farmer’s Day tend to extend its celebrations in rural areas to National Farmer’s Month.

Farmers Day timeline

12,000 BCE

Let's settle

People began to leave their nomadic hunter gatherer lifestyle and settled down as farmers.

Mid 1600s

You say you want a revolution

The British Agricultural Revolution began due to an unprecedented increase in agricultural production.


The National Farmers Union was founded.

The NFU was founded in Texas by ten family farmers. The union advocated for voting rights for women, fair market access for farmers, and increased co-operative rights.


Farm to table goods

Farmer's Markets began in Los Angeles as a way for farmers and merchants can sell their wares from permanent stalls.

Traditions of National Farmers Day

Thank a farmer
They’re the backbone of the breadbasket and what feeds not just this country, but many other nations as agriculture is usually a major export. Make sure you thank a farmer today for all their hard work keeping bread on tables everywhere!
Buy from a local farmer
One of the best ways to thank a farmer is with your wallet. Head to a farmer’s market or join a local CSA (community supported agriculture) to get some fresh, local produce, eggs, or even grass-fed meat. 
Start a garden
Or become one yourself! Growing your own food is one of hte most sustainable and rewarding ways to celebrate National Farmer’s Day. It may have a tough learning curve to plant and grow just a few tomatoes, but the taste of tomatoes right off the vine will make it all worth it. 

Farmers Day FAQs

Which day is celebrated as Farmers Day?

National Farmers Day is celebrated annually on October 12

Why do we celebrate Farmers Day?

Farmers have one of the oldest and most important jobs. On October 12, we celebrate the hard work they put in year long in order to keep our economy thriving and our stomachs full!

What is National Ag Day?

National Ag day was created in order to recognize all fields that fall under the agricultural category. This day is celebrated annually on March 14.

Stats about National Farmers Day

2 million – the number of farms in the U.S.
$1 trillion – The contribution of agriculture to the US economy.
1.3% – The percentage of the U.S. labor force made up by ranchers.
90% – The percentage of U.S. crop losses caused by extreme weather
50,000 – The number of jobs available in agriculture in the U.S each year.
40% – The percentage of crop cash that is generated by corn and soybeans.
166 – The number of people the average U.S farm feeds each year.
25% – The percentage of food that Americans throw away every month.

Farmers Day Activities

  1. Go to a farmers market

    Support your local farmers by shopping at the local Farmer's Market. Keep in mind that by shopping with small businesses, you are helping an entrepreneur provide for their family or expand their business. America has a history of family farming and your support helps keep their dreams alive.

  2. Start your own mini-farm

    According to one of the top Kansas City PR Firms, only 2% of Americans grow their own food. What better way to celebrate National Farmers Day than to become your own farmer? Think how awesome would it be if your favorite fruits or veggies were growing in your backyard. Don't have a yard? No Problem. Many neighborhoods have community gardens where you can test out your green thumb.

  3. Earn your stripes with a farmer's tan

    We're not saying to throw out your sun block, but it might be fun to show solidarity with your local farmers by sporting your own t-shirt tan! Enjoy the sunny day outdoors and learn the true meaning of a Farmer's Tan.

Why We Love Farmers Day

  1. Farmers perform one of the world's oldest jobs

    Farming developed independently all over the globe, whether is was farming rice, wheat, bananas, shrimp, or almonds, farmers are working tirelessly all over the globe to feed the world.

  2. They grow our food

    It is hard to imagine a world without having access to fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, there is a group of professionals that dedicate themselves to growing the perfect produce. Farmer's play a vital role in our society by providing us with the luxury of purchasing fruit and vegetables at any given time.

  3. Farmers are dedicated, hard workers

    Deciding to be a farmer is a decision that not many take lightly. Creating a farm requires investment, tons of hard work, equipment, time and a passion for growing food.

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