The Latest List of Holidays 2024

We Love Holidays! Here are 68 holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 2 Thursday
Science Fiction Day Science Fiction Day Hobbies & ActivitiesScience & Technology
January 8 Wednesday
Earth’s Rotation Day Earth’s Rotation Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
January 9 Thursday
Static Electricity Day Static Electricity Day Jobs & ProfessionsScience & Technology
January 13 Monday
Public Radio Broadcasting Day Public Radio Broadcasting Day Science & Technology
January 17 Friday
Kid Inventors’ Day Kid Inventors’ Day ChildrenScience & Technology
January 20 Monday
Camcorder Day Camcorder Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
January 28 Tuesday
Data Privacy Day Data Privacy Day Items & ThingsScience & TechnologySoftware
February 5 Wednesday
National Weatherperson's Day National Weatherperson's Day CareerCareersTechnology
February 11 Tuesday
National Clean Out Your Computer Day National Clean Out Your Computer Day Special InterestTechnology
Safer Internet Day Safer Internet Day Special InterestSafetyTechnology
February 13 Thursday
World Radio Day World Radio Day Special InterestTechnology
Radio Day Radio Day Science & Technology
March 5 Wednesday
Day of Unplugging Day of Unplugging Hobbies & ActivitiesRelaxationScience & Technology
March 6 Thursday
National Day of Unplugging National Day of Unplugging Special InterestTechnology
March 10 Monday
Mario Day Mario Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFunTechnology
National Landline Telephone Day National Landline Telephone Day FunActivitiesLifestyleTechnology
March 18 Tuesday
National Biodiesel Day National Biodiesel Day CauseEducationalEnvironmentTechnology
March 31 Monday
World Backup Day World Backup Day Special InterestTechnology
Bunsen Burner Day Bunsen Burner Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
April 11 Friday
National Eight Track Tape Day National Eight Track Tape Day MusicRetroTechnology
April 18 Thursday
Amateur Radio Day Amateur Radio Day Hobbies & ActivitiesScience & Technology
April 25 Thursday
National DNA Day National DNA Day HealthCareersScienceTechnology
National Telephone Day National Telephone Day Special InterestTechnology
International Marconi Day International Marconi Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
April 26 Friday
Pinhole Photography Day Pinhole Photography Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
April 27 Saturday
Morse Code Day Morse Code Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
May 7 Tuesday
World Password Day World Password Day Special InterestInternetTechnology
May 15 Wednesday
Virtual Assistants Day Virtual Assistants Day AdministratorsJobs & ProfessionsScience & Technology
May 17 Friday
World Telecommunications Day World Telecommunications Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
May 31 Friday
Web Designer Day Web Designer Day Jobs & ProfessionsScience & Technology
June 7 Friday
VCR Day VCR Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
June 19 Wednesday
World Sickle Cell Awareness Day World Sickle Cell Awareness Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
June 22 Saturday
National HVAC Tech Day National HVAC Tech Day HVACTechnology
June 25 Tuesday
Color TV Day Color TV Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
June 29 Saturday
National Camera Day National Camera Day ActivitiesConsumer ElectronicsFunHobbiesTechnology
July 8 Monday
Math 2.0 Day Math 2.0 Day Jobs & ProfessionsScience & Technology
July 17 Wednesday
Yellow Pig Day Yellow Pig Day AnimalsItems & ThingsPigsScience & Technology
July 20 Saturday
National Moon Day National Moon Day Special InterestAmericanEducationalHistoricalPop CultureScienceTechnology
Space Exploration Day Space Exploration Day Hobbies & ActivitiesScience & Technology
August 1 Thursday
World Wide Web Day World Wide Web Day Hobbies & ActivitiesInventorsITScience & Technology
August 12 Monday
Vinyl Record Day Vinyl Record Day MusicScience & Technology
August 19 Monday
Photography Day Photography Day Hobbies & ActivitiesJobs & ProfessionsPhotographyScience & Technology
Aviation Day Aviation Day Science & Technology
August 20 Tuesday
National Radio Day National Radio Day Special InterestTechnology
August 23 Friday
Cheap Flight Day Cheap Flight Day FunActivitiesFinancialTechnology
August 24 Saturday
Internaut Day Internaut Day Items & ThingsScience & TechnologySoftware
August 27 Tuesday
Petroleum Day Petroleum Day Nature & EnvironmentScience & Technology
August 28 Wednesday
Radio Commercials Day Radio Commercials Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
September 12 Thursday
National Day of Civic Hacking National Day of Civic Hacking Special InterestTechnology
National Video Games Day National Video Games Day Special InterestTechnology
September 30 Monday
International Podcast Day International Podcast Day Special InterestTechnology
October 3 Thursday
Techies Day Techies Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
October 4 Friday
Change A Light Day Change A Light Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsScience & Technology
October 5 Saturday
Amazon Prime Day Amazon Prime Day FunConsumer ElectronicsShoppingSummerTechnology
October 17 Thursday
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day Special InterestTechnology
October 23 Wednesday
iPod Day iPod Day Science & Technology
October 29 Tuesday
National Internet Day National Internet Day Special InterestTechnology
November 8 Friday
X-Ray Day X-Ray Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
November 17 Sunday
National Unfriend Day National Unfriend Day RelationshipMental HealthTechnology
November 18 Monday
GIS Day GIS Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsScience & Technology
November 21 Thursday
World Television Day World Television Day Special InterestTechnology
November 30 Saturday
National Computer Security Day National Computer Security Day Special InterestAwarenessEducationalSafetyTechnology
December 12 Thursday
Shareware Day Shareware Day Science & TechnologySoftware
December 21 Saturday
Flashlight Day Flashlight Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
December 28 Saturday
National Download Day National Download Day ComputersTechnology
January 1 Wednesday
Clean Up Your Computer Month Clean Up Your Computer Month Items & ThingsScience & Technology
May 1 Wednesday
National Inventors Month National Inventors Month Special InterestActivitiesTechnology
October 1 Tuesday
Computer Learning Month Computer Learning Month Items & ThingsPeople & RelationshipsScience & Technology