Universal Human Beings Week

Universal Human Beings Week - March 3-9, 2025

One of the most important ways people connect is through their humanity. Literature, history, art, and music all expand on human emotion and life experiences and in a world full of definitions, love is what defines the best in humanity.

Universal Human Beings Week takes the time to reflect on those ideas and encourages people to take action, promoting human rights and making impactful changes that help communities everywhere.

History of Universal Human Beings Week

Universal Human Beings Week was founded by the International Society of Friendship and Good Will, an organization that aims to improve human rights and understanding, remaining neutral in politics and religion, and thus supported all members no matter their background.

The organization was thought of by Dr. Stanley J. Drake in 1978, who at the time was president of Fort Lauderdale University in Florida. On his 60th birthday, he wanted to create an organization that would benefit and create peace.

Thus, two years later, the organization was founded, promoting members in 189 countries and annually celebrating holidays related to human rights, including Universal Human Beings Week.

The ideals of Universal Human Beings Week revolves around removing the categories that separate people and creating a new kind of community that is shaped around one common factor: humanity.

The goal of the holiday is to put ethical wealth about material wealth, create understanding through communal activities, and support organizations that work towards peace. This is also known as a time to review human rights, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the United Nations, and help create harmony within one another in order to make the world people live in better by acting against hatred through love.

How to Celebrate Universal Human Beings Week

Simply be kind to one another. Take part in a community event by supporting those in need. Donate your money to a charity or organization that believes in helping humanity.

Create a campaign to raise money for causes you care about. Read philosophy books about humanitarianism and think of ways to apply it to your daily life. Give to the poor, hug a friend in need, and change the way you think of the world through kindness.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #UniversalHumanBeingsWeek and remind your friends and family that love should be the most important thing that humanity should treasure.

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