Write a Letter Appreciation Week

Write a Letter Appreciation Week - March 3-9, 2025

Hand-written notes appear to become a dying art as social media and technological advances as a faster and more effective form of communication. For those who want to say thank you to those they appreciate, a hand-written letter can be more personal and emotional than words on a screen.

Write a Letter Appreciation Week gives people the opportunity to write a personal note, send it off to the mail, and show appreciation for those who have inspired lives.

History of Write a Letter Appreciation Week

Since 2011, Write a Letter of Appreciation Week has been a holiday that encourages people to write letters instead of texts and emails, saying thank you and whatever emotional sentiment comes to mind. Writing letters makes the writer more considerate of the words chosen, helps the writer pay attention to their grammar, and even encourages better hand-writing.

While cursive writing is still taught in schools, many forget about cursive due to today’s technology, and the goal of this holiday is to give people a better option to write personal letters that show appreciation for the ones you love.

Write a Letter Appreciation Week gives people the time to write a letter to anyone, whether it be for parents, relatives, teachers, coworkers, or anyone who has inspired greatness in others.

The holiday is about giving to others the words that cannot be communicated through speech or bought gifts. It’s about giving from the heart – a letter meant to pour all words of appreciation onto a piece of paper.

How to Celebrate Write a Letter Appreciation Week

Take the time to practice your cursive writing, and if needed, take some online classes that can teach you about cursive writing. If you want to, try to experiment in calligraphy and see if you can create beautiful words as art.

Think of the words you want to say – look at poetry for references, and pour all your heart into it. Write a Letter Appreciation Week is about giving to those who don’t expect much, so, send off the words you know will touch them, and share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #WriteALetterAppreciationWeek to encourage others to do the same.

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