Horse Protection Day

Horse Protection Day - Saturday, March 1, 2025

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Horses have long been considered a close companion of humans – throughout the centuries, the equine has carried us on their backs, pulled our carriages, traveled miles and miles across the country and become a key part of some popular sports.

Although the advent of the automobile meant that our majestic, four-legged friends were no longer required as frequently on the roads anymore, today horses still remain a steadfast companion to animal lovers and equestrian fans alike.

History of Horse Protection Day

Horse Protection Day was first observed in 2005 when it was founded by pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Page. Having grown up around horses, Page created the observance to make others mindful of the plight of unwanted horses, and those which end up being served as food.

Horses which are slaughtered for meat often come from auctions, but sometimes they are bought from private sellers or captures from wild herds. In countries where they are slaughtered for meat, they are often processed in the same way that cattle are.

In same US states, such as California, is illegal to sell or eat horse meat. However, there remains a movement to attempt to make a law preventing it across the states. Ultimately, Horse Protection Day is meant to raise awareness around the use of horses for meat, horses which are subject to abuse and any of the animals which are suffering anywhere in the world today.

How to observe Horse Protection Day

Horse Protection Day is a day to be mindful of the trials and tribulations of horses without a home, without companionship, and without love. Horse lovers will often say that these creatures as just as much our four-legged friends as cats and dogs are- and if you have ever been lucky enough to know these shy and gentle animals, you’ll know this to be true.

There’s plenty of ways you could observe Horse Protection Day. Of course, not everyone has the space to adopt a horse and keep one to look after, but perhaps you could think about supporting a horse through a charity or donating to your local horse sanctuary. If you live close to a stable, offering to help a hand with the horses or dropping off food and bedding would certainly be appreciated.

Remember to use the hashtag #HorseProtectionDay on social media, and be sure to find out more about this important observance by visiting Colleen Page’s website.

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