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Pig Day - Saturday, March 1, 2025

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Everywhere you go, the pig is a part of our daily life. Whether it’s the little porcelain coin-receptacles we use to save up our money,the pigs that have stolen our hearts on the silver screen (Babe, Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web) or the cute little animals we have witnessed during our farm visits, these adorable little porcine lovelies have made our lives greater at every step. They’ve even recently made strides into being a favorite family pet, especially the pot-bellied pig, so you can’t deny the fact that, despite their sloppy eating habits, they are fun to both watch and have around. 

Schools, farms, zoos, and local community groups hold events every year in celebration of these magnificent animals, so have a look for the events that are happening near you, or celebrate at home, by which we mean without a bacon sandwich!

History of Pig Day

Pigs have been alongside us since prehistory, and have been a vital part of our lives, with a history stretching back nearly as far as the domestic dog. This holiday was first established in 1972 by two sisters, Ellen Stanley, a young school teacher from Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave of Beauftort,  North Carolina.

These siblings recognized the importance of the swine in every day life, and that the noble animal deserved a day to “accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.” Unfortunately, some people use Pig Day to eat pork products, which is something pig lovers would never recommend, and something the sisters surely never intended. We’re sure the pigs in question wouldn’t be very happy with such goings on either! 

So, on Pig Day, afford our porcine friends a little bit of respect and be thankful for the noble ambitions of the sisterly founders who made this day possible. 

Fun Facts About Pigs

Did you know that pigs are actually very clean animals? Sure, they might roll around in mud, but they don’t poop where they sleep, and they often bathe in water to remove themselves of sweat!

Contrary to popular belief, pigs are very intelligent too. Evidence of training goes all the way back to 1772 where a trained pig known as Learned Pig entertained the crowds by counting, telling the time, and performing a range of other clever tricks. 

There are around 2 billion pigs in the world, so the very fact that there are so many means you should take the time to honor their place on the earth with us. 

So, on Pig Day, make the effort to learn other fun facts about pigs, and think of them as being more than just dumb farmward animals or something to eat at your family barbecue.

How to celebrating Pig Day

The celebration of Pig Day happens all over the world but is most commonly celebrated in the American Midwest, and that certainly makes sense given that it’s the home of the holiday. If you happen to be in Illinois, you can enjoy celebrations all over the state, as the Pig is responsible for $1.9 billion of the state’s commerce. In New York City, in the Central Park Zoo, National Pig Day sees an invasion of pot-bellied pigs into the zoo.

 If you happen to live on Long Island, they celebrate it a slightly different way, they honor the pig by refraining from eating it and having a big special Pig Day Meal… including a special treat for the pot-bellied pig for those families that own one.

Still, no matter where you are, you can take the time to celebrate Pig Day. 

Pig Day is a chance to learn about the importance of the fine swine, and have a great time learning about how we are similar to our porcine friends, so head over to the library, look at pig-related sites online, or ask your Amazon Alexa (or other smart device) for some fun bits of information about pigs. 

Adopting a new pig friend is easily the best way to celebrate this holiday if you are able. Or go to your local petting zoo, hold one in your arms, and tell the pigs you cradle how wonderful they are! When you are planning your meals on Pig Day, you might want to refrain from eating a sausage sandwich, and have something that isn’t meat-related at all on this most respectful of days to our fine animal friends. If you own a pet pig, you can honor your porcine companion in style, with a party that is all about them, with pig-friendly food that they are bound to scoff down.

And entertain yourself at  home with a double-bill of Babe and Charlotte’s Web. Catch up on your reading, perhaps with the original books based on those popular films, or by taking a dip into the world of A.A. Milne to read stories about Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. And celebrate through craft, perhaps by making pigs out of papier mache or crafting masks for your family to wear. 

In the webbed words of Charlotte the spider (from Charlotte’s Web), pigs are terrific, radiant and humble. So, whatever you do to celebrate Pig Day, remember the wonderful qualities they hold. Treasure them, watch them, even cuddle up to one. But whatever you do on this most special of days, please please please  don’t ‘pig out’ and eat one!

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